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Default Sony P5

I recently ventured into the world of Digital Photography by purchasing a Cybershot P5 (3.2 million megapixels).

However the first time i used the camera, i had problems taking pictures in dim light using the night setting.

I was taking pictures indoors, with dim light, and found that using the night setting, if the object or the camera moved during the process of taking a picture, the resulting photograph would come out blurry. I havent tried the camera on normal mode WITH flash, and i havent fiddled around with the ISO either.

How do i go about fixing this problem, and help me to take better pictures in dim light?
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I have a dsc p1.
you should use twilight mode ( shutter time up to 2 sec ) in a tripod using autoshutter.
it'is normal for your images to be blurry if you move camera.
If you have problem focusing objects indoor use panfocus mode or manual focus if you have it.
if you can stop your camera in a table, window or tripod set autoshutter and use twilight mode without flash.
It's really beautiful

sorry for my english
i hope this help
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I'm not familiar with the Sony. All cams will behave differently in low light but have the same principles in common. Low light means largest aperture and slower shutter speed - fact of life I'm afraid! So without extra light (flash or tungsten), you need higher effective film speed (ASA).

Most cam manufacturers will pre-set the ASA to 'low' in auto mode, to get good noise free pics in daylight or with flash.

So your options are: put in more light, raise ASA but risk increasing noise, (possibly lowering resolution on some cams), use slower shutter speeds requiring a tripod or support. If the subject itself is moving in low light - big probs. so you probably need more light.

Use the EXIF data from the pics you take, to find out what the various modes are doing. I'm old fashioned and only understand f stops, ASA and shutter speeds!

The advantage of a digicam, is you can pop off several pics at different settings and pick the best. After a while, you learn what works best for next time. Don't forget, you can do quite a lot in editing. For example, raising the shutter speed in manual might give you a sharper moving image and less shake but the underexpose could be corrected to a certain degree in editing.

You are really starting at the difficult end of photography, film or digital. Try to get better pictures using flash or light bulbs, try a laser pointer to help focussing. Hope this helps.
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