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Default Sony P5 - Slow, Out of Focus and not that Vibrant

So, a bit of history. I used to have a Canon Ixus (2M) (Elph in US). Loved it. Drowned it on top of mountain in Scotland (by mistake!).

Decided to use the opportunity to upgrade to 3M pixel camera (Sony P5). Sony <can> take great pictures, is compact etc. Just sometimes it really annoys the hell out of you by
a) taking pictures completely out of focus (with no foreground / background problems - just whales in the sea which should be at infinite focal range) but look like P5 thought they were a foot away
b) is incredibly slow at Auto-Focus - generally you tend to miss any action in an action shot - WHY DON'T MORE REVIEWS PICK THIS UP?
c) looks washed out - hey maybe its more accurate than my old Ixus - but pictures of rainbow kites look a little bit lack-lustre

So yesterday my wife dropped Sony at wedding - she was surprised to find me rather happy - as now I have the opportunity to upgrade...

First choice was Fuji F601 Zoom - which a friend has which looks like its got a tonne of features (nice manual modes as well) plus takes a reasonable picture, and takes it fast. BUT, it does have barrel distortion, slightly odd UI and uses SM not mem stick or CF

Then I saw Canon have a new 3M Ixus out (230/V3) This looks like the answer - quick (I hope), vibrant colours, bomb proof (I'll keep it out of the rain). Was going to order it...

Then got bored, took Sony to bits and got motor/zoom/lens working again (ish - doesn't like zooming that much) - will probably have to send off for a proper repair quote...

Has anyone else had these sorts of problems with Sony P5? Maybe if the P9 was so much better I'd go for that..?

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