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I have heard a lot of reviews of the p73 not being so durable? is this true ? also that it wasnt really that easy to hold one handed.. please help...
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In the UK the P73 has only been available for a month...about the same in the USA? I guess no one will be able to say just how durable it will be.

However I wonder if you've picked up on comments I've made about the P93.

When I had one on trial I was taken aback by the rattle and play in the extended lens. My previous Sony had a zoom within the body so this was new to me. I think I said it may have reliability issues but at the very least felt flimsy.

Now I've tested more cameras, including other Sony models, I find that to a greater or lesser extent manyextended lens barrels have play. The V1 does it, as withmy new P12. The P93 I tried had the greatest rattle though!

I must admit I'd prefer to have a lens with no free play like the Canon A75/80 but have decided to accept it as a Sony character trait.

I also mentioned the issue of holding the P93. The previous P32/52/72/92 range had a nice raised rib on the front for your finger to grip, and on the back the soft rubber port cover gave a perfect grip for your thumb. This gave a very secure grip to these cameras.

The P73/93 have lost the front rib to be replaced by a smooth shallow depression, the excellent rubber thumb grip has been replaced by a small smooth lip.

Add these changes to an overall rounding of all edges and you end up with a camera that feels a good deal less secure to hold than the old ones.

In the end I bought a P12 which does still retain the front rib but has almost nothing for the thumb. I have to be much more careful how I handle this camera than with my older P52.

So I reckon both things are issues to be aware of but not to say they are enough to not buy the camera because of them....now the small LCD and tiny icons...that's a different matter! :-)


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I have the P73's immediate ancestor, the P72, which I bought in June 2003. Beginning about three months ago, I get spots or "stains" when I take pictures or videos under bright skies or over the water.

Small mpeg cloudy day example:

Note how the spots pop into view as the camera makes a click and adjusts to bright conditions. Cleaning the outside of the lens does no help. Can't figure whether the problem is dirt inside, physical damage (ajar or fall?),or simply the age and degeneration of the sensor. Maybe a more experienced camera hand has a clue on how to handle the problem.
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