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Samantha Aug 2, 2002 10:41 PM

Sony P9 - viewing images
I just got my P9 today. I noticed that when viewing images, the image will first appear on the LCD a bit blur and then 2 or 3 seconds later, the image is very clear. Is this normal?

Please help. Thanks.

hugo_pua Aug 2, 2002 11:50 PM

Don't worry, be relax... my buddy! this is a common things. because the camera are loading the files on your memory stick. so it's will a bit blur while loading until finish.... (it's just same like netscape loading the pictures.. it's appear a bit blur... until will clear while finish.)

mdorani Aug 3, 2002 7:52 AM

yeh this is normal i have SONY DSC-P51 it does the same thing ok.. nothing ronge wit ur cam relax

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