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Manolito_Mystiq Jan 30, 2005 8:08 AM

Hello everyone! I'm a new member :) Yesterday I discovered this site by searching someexperiences/discussions aboutthe P93 at forum, to discover that someone wanted to know whether there was a difference between the P93 and the P93A. When I sought that through Google, I came to this site.

So last Wednesday, I bought the piece. I already read some reviews of the thing before buying it (also at It was a sale at MediaMarkt, so I bought it, even though I quite had my doubts, as the seller said, although it has 5 Megapixels and quite many other options, I could better go for (instance) a Nikon for about the same price (normal price), which is 4 Megapixels yes, but has a better lens, as he said the Sony camera pictures tend to be less sharp. He also talked about Memory Stick's being more expensive than SD cards and such.

Eventually he said I'd best try it out for 14 days, so I can experience that what he said myself and make my own judgment, or else bring it back.

And so I took pictures and pictures. I still have some trouble with focusing that what I want to be sharp, but that's just a matter of getting used to it, I believe.

1)The pictures do look quite sharp to me, though. The seller mentioned that with Photoshop you can overcome that problem as well, if you find them not being sharp, don't know if that is a proper solution, though. (this one seems a tad unsharp, but it could have been the bad focusing)

2)The LCD seemed fit to me also, but it just doesn't feel right, having paid for a P93, but having gotten the P93A:

I'm thinking of

1>demanding the P93

2>keep this one, but get a refund of €50,- (Or that which seems fair)

3>get another camera with the same specs, but for the same price I paid this one (€229,-)

My money back wouldn't be as optional, as this was a sale, normally it costs €279,- or so.

3)What do you think?

4)Any other recommendations? I thought maybe the P100 doesn't have this problem, and I should go for that one, but what is the main difference? I read that is has a better lens, but I also read that it didn't really overcome the 'still a bit un'sharp pictures. The P93 still looks cooler than the P100 also, but that's not what matters of course.

I don't need an ultra compact camera, this one is big enough, so I don't need the

5)L1 series, but there's also a W1 series, T1 series and the F88? What makes them different? (The F88 to the PXX series?).

Thank you for your time.

bgrimm Jan 30, 2005 1:32 PM

i have had the same problems with the p-93a. i gave it back to mediamarkt :!: (in hamburg, germany).

now bought the p-150. its a very good camera and no plastic and very good pictures (i mean sharp!).


kazaan Jan 31, 2005 2:54 AM

way to go!!
I am looking forward to P200.

any personal comments good n bad on P150?


kazaan Jan 31, 2005 2:58 AM

Hi Manolito,

This site is awesome..u r at the right place...

i would suggest you to choose p150/200 over p100 since many reviews rate the pic quality of p150 very high!!

F88 has the big advantage of rotating u can take ur pic/video while playing your guitar:-)
Maybe i can take tips from you on guitar :lol:

I am waiting for P200 myself. Oh i am looking only for ultra-compacts.

Good Luck,

Manolito_Mystiq Jan 31, 2005 11:08 AM

What about the W1?

I've heard many recommend that also? What's the main difference between the W1 and the P-150?

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