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SmilingFlyGirl Feb 21, 2017 3:44 PM

Sony RX10 III
I am currently in the market for a good travel camera with the ability to zoom far for wildlife. I own a Canon 5D Mark II and have a variety of interchangeable lenses. I want something light for travel and backpacking. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am looking at the Sony RX10 III or something similar

possum10 Feb 22, 2017 2:58 AM

Sony RX10 III and Lumix FZ2500
I've had recent experience travelling with a Sony RX100 III, Sony RX10 III and the Panasonic Lumix FZ2500.

I used the RX100 for 7 weeks through Europe and it was great. Great image quality and low light performance. Was mostly in cities so the 3x zoom wasn't too much of a constraint. Wonderfully portable.

I travelled for a month through South America using the Lumix FZ2500. I had upgraded from the RX100 as there were lots of big landscapes and was looking for a better zoom.

What I liked about the Lumix was:
- All in one unit. I had considered getting a body with interchangeable lens. I was talked out of it by a camera salesman as he advised I'd end up spending a fortune on lens (hard to believe it was from a salesman?!)
- Great 20x zoom and image stabilisation. I didn't have a tripod and was able to take great photos handheld at max zoom (in daylight of course)
- Easy to use - good menu system and useful and accessible customisable buttons. Took a whole of variety of photographs including wildlife. The fast startup meant I got good shots at short notice
- Easy to hold - the lens stays extended at same length regardless of zoom
- Good WIFI - easy to transfer images to an Ipad / smartphone for initial editing and posting to Facebook
- Bright screen easily viewable in strong sunlight
- Good build quality - it feels like a well made camera

What I didn't like
- Image quality - it not as good as I had hoped or had expected. It was a step down from the RX100 and that was a deal breaker for me.

Two weeks ago I swapped to a Sony RX10 Mk III and am very happy with the image quality. It's noticeably better than the FZ2500 and comparable with the great image quality on the RX100.

I am still getting the measure of the RX10 but what I have found so far is:
- The RX10 menu system has it's quirks. It is similar to the RX100 and have found my way around it okay
- Image stabilisation is good but more of a need for a tripod at the bigger zoom of 25x
- Like using smartphone to control camera for time lapse exposures
- Good jpgs out of the box but shooting in raw and using Lightroom to finesse the images

The Sony is retailing for considerably more that the FZ2500 and my budget wouldn't have stretched to the RX10 at full retail price. I changed from the Lumix to RX10 when I was able to buy the Sony secondhand for a very good price and was able to sell the Lumix for more that I paid for the Sony (phew).

Hope this helps!

tkurkowski Mar 17, 2017 4:14 AM

You should also make the point that you really can put the Sony RX100MIII in your pocket. A camera that's 4.02 x 2.28 x 1.61 inches (L, W, D) with a 1", 21MP sensor and delivers the photo quality that it does, is simply astounding. It's true that the best camera in the universe, is the one you have with you when a photo op presents itself.

ETA: I have a pro-level DSLR and glass to match, but I'm not lugging that with me when I'm out hiking.

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