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caddie May 1, 2007 8:47 PM

oh, i don't mean to hijack Nick's h9 forum.

i went to my local sony store yesterday and the sales told me that the first shipment of H9 was right from Japan.
but the later shipment could be from mexico or some other asia country(vietnam or.. i forgot).

as to the possibility of theminor defect ofthe first shipment? maybe. but according to Nick's reports, at least he's got a good one.

The size/weight is slightlysmaller than H5 and the burst mode is sure almost unlimited(i took like 10 shots in a row in full res.).

I only spent 5 minplaying withthe camera because my 11 months old was waiting.

oh, i also saw the leather bag.

it's a hard case but no extra/special inside pocket to hold your battery/memory card (i could be wrong). and they don't have the other caseLCS-HB in store now.

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