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Default sony t1

has any one got this cam? somone told me it donnt work on the norm sony sticks? you gota buy a new type of stick
and whats the lcd like in low light and in the sun is it worth allllllllllllllllllllllll that money
thank you
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It uses recording Media: Memory Stick Duo™ Media, Memory Stick PRO Duo™ Media

Check out the specs on ssdonline.com , they have this camera in stock for $499, price good throught 2/8/04


Full specs can be review at:


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I have had one for about a week. So far I like the camera a lot. I already had a CD Mav 4MP that I think was a great camera but I felt was too big at times to carry in a lot of places so I got the T1 as a "fun" camera that would be good to take with me when I was out. So far daytime outdoor pics are great but low lighting photos are a challenge at times. I guess if you are willing to purchase it in the same way I am using mine for than it is a great buy but otherwise you COULD have problems in low lighted situations. That being said, I have taken beautiful low lighted pics with the camera it just took a few tries and patience. It is a very fast camera with a lot of options that are beneficial to its downsides. In conclusion if you want an average 5MP camera with great size and portability than this camera is for you. If you want a 5MP camera that takes perfect pics without having to deal with the cameras settings than you will have to find something a little bigger. I’m still trying to figure out night shooting So Steve if you could tell me what settings you used for your one night sample shot that came out clear it would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Valentine 8)
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I posted a series of comments and pictures regarding the T1 a while back. Basically, it does a very poor job under low light because the widest aperture is 3.5 and I think the zoom mechanism causes inefficiency in light transmission as well.
There is no way to mount a tripod and it is a hard camera to hold in a stalble way.

I have been to a Sony showroom and tried out the T1 in comparison with other cameras and, all other things being equal, it takes much longer exposures -- which means you often get blurry results with indoor lighting.

Outdoor shots aren't that great, either, when you look at them in detail. As the CNET Asia review pointed out, highlights tend to get blown out. I do not find the Steve's review to be compatible with my experience and would not recommend relying on it.

Sony is about to bring out the W1, which will have an F2.8 lens. If you really want Sony, that might be something to look for. I would strongly recommend against purchasing a T1.
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