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mooseboy Jul 22, 2006 7:03 PM

I'm the 'official' photographer for works nights out. I was originally using a cybershot u30, then i upgraded to a h1 at christmas and got my parents an L1 as well. I was then using their camera as the H1 was too big to take out round pubs and clubs. I got the T30 yesterday, and gave it it's first trial run - the results are amazing. Focussing takes a while, but then it's focussing in some very tricky situations, lighting is always spot on, and the camera flash recharges very quickly (far quicker than my h1 in fact). At 7 megapixels it allows you to crop pictures without losing the ability to have them printed at large sizes. Startup time is excellent, and the large screen really makes a difference for framing shots, and also showing people afterwards. Lots of people wanted me to take photos' with their cameraas so last night i used casios, kodaks, fuji, and HP cameras, as well as my two sony's (three if you count my mobile), and the difference between the sonys and other cameras really stood out. I got the black model, which has got absolutley no geek appeal as it looks as if it has been designed for looks alone (i'm now going to have to buy clothes that won't clash with the camera) rather than performance - it hasn't, it's an amazing performer. I would reccomend this camera to anyone that wanted to get decent shots, but is not able to take a lrager camera with them. Theyu won't be dissapointed.

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