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Panther Oct 25, 2004 5:59 AM

Hi All

I have had a sony V1 now for about 7 months and i find i love it.

BUT ...

It seems that very often my pictures turn out blurred, it seems that lighting has alot to do with the bluring. But i can be mistaken. It could also just be that i have very shakey hands. Please HELP cause i know it is a great camera and some times i get AMAZING picutes but i get alot of pictures that i just cant use.

Another porblem that i have is that taking pictures of things moving, like taking pictures of a band on stage seems to just turn into a whirl of colours. Or taking pictures at the races turns into smears and clear pictures of the background. It is like the camera does not focus right.

Any help would be much appreciated.

It could be that i just dont know how to use my camera correctly, or i just shake too much to use a sensitive camera like the V1.

barrymr Oct 29, 2004 7:01 PM

Hi Panther,

I had the same problem with my DSC-V1. I don't think it is a problem unique to the DSC-V1 so much as a fact of life with most digicams. The way around this is to use the manual setting "M" and adjust your shutter speed to something faster. I think it defaults to something like NR2. This is actually pretty slow, about 1/2 a sec on your shutter speed. You will have to experiment to see what speed is right for what situation. They way I practiced was by shooting traffic at midday, dusk and at night. Of course as you increase your shutter speed the picture will get darker but, you can compensateby opening theaperature wider, F2.8 is the widest for the DSC-V1, and increasing the ISO settings in manual "M" mode as well. DSC-V1 can actually go to ISO 400 with very little noise. ISO 800 gets grainy. Let me know if this helps any. I'm a shbutter bug and always want to share info on the DSC-V1. If you have figures out any cool tricks with yours let me know. Thanks.


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