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Default Sony Vs Minolta-dilemma

Hello folks! Like Vinod I have this dilemma to make up mind about buyin' Minolta Dimage 7i or Sony Cybershot DSC-F717V. If it wasn't for the loss of 2 X Optical zoom buyin' the SONY I think I would go for that one, the overall feelin' about it is smashing. What do ya say?
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Default Re: Sony Vs Minolta-dilemma

Quote:If it wasn't for the loss of 2 X Optical zoom buyin' the SONY I think I would go for that one,

Er, what 2x loss? I believe that the Minolta is quoted as 8x and the Sony as 5x.

I would say to be sure of what that bigger zoom means.
The Minolta lens is the equivalent of 28 to 200. The Sony is 38 to 190. So the Minolta wins at the wide angle end, but in telephoto terms both cameras are about the same. The Minolta does not make things any "bigger" than the Sony.

Having played with both cameras and bought the Sony 6 months ago, I made the right decision, for me. The rotating body and the superb Vario Sonnar lens put the Sony in a different class. The battery on the Sony is superb, with its really useful capacity indicator, whereas the Minolta battery life is a sick joke. But if you are an aspiring pro, [unlikely due to the nature of your question] there are features on the Minolta, that I have no use for, that you might like to have.

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if your looking for a camera that acts like a real SLR the minolta is the way to go. what was not mention about the lens is that it is a manual helical type zoom with greater control then a press-a-button type so common on digicams. also the ability to override the AF and use a much easier manual focus is there too. actually now that we're on it CF cards are the defacto standard of the Pro end for memory. when sony decided to finally bring out a decent size card it was also decided everyone who had older models had to get new cameras too. the sony still does not save an image as RAW which is the true untouched original image off the imager. jpg and tiff. now tiff is the best quality image but not on a camera unless you had a few 512MB and 1GB cards on a trip. they are large. RAW is big but not that big. 1GB MS cards are about $400 right now a CF 1GB is at the high end $264.

i cannot deny that the 7Hi likes to consume batteries. and sony does do better there. i carry 3 sets with me for a day and end up not using one or maybe 2 of them. with out the use of the review screen everytime i shoot i'll get approx 120 images per charge out of a 1850mah set. their cost is lower then that of sony.

eveything is give and take. there is no perfect digicam.
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