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I'm trying to decide between Sony's W1 and P100 cameras. Besides the shape of the cameras, lcd size and batteries, is there anything else I should be considering when trying to make the decision of which way to go?

I like the larger lcd of the W1 but like the compact/weight of the P100. The NIMH batteries of the W1 won't last as long but AA's can always be found in a pinch... but from the reviews it sounds like the InfoLithium battery of the P100 is better overall.

I'd really appreciate hearing from the community! Trying to make a decision in time for Father's Day. Thanks.
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Add an extra fifty bucks over the cost of a comparable 512MB Compact Flash forthe Memory Stick Pro. For the P100, add sixty bucks for an extra puny proprietary battery, for that is the true purchase cost.

The Sonys are fast and amazingly power efficient. I was amazed at how long myold 1300mAh NiMHs lasted while I was charging the pair that came with the W1. It arrived at 9AM and I screwed around with it on and off all day. Whenthe low-batteryindicator was finally flashing, it was evening. I was surprised to see in the manual that lithium AA batteries are not recommended. There went my backup plan. The Energizer e2 alkaline actually has a higher power rating (mAh)than the e2 lithium. Whether that means longer in-camera life, I do not know.

In the store, I didn't like how the P100 felt in my hands, and the threat of nose prints on the LCD was impossible to ignore. I will miss the manual white balance and the extra snow scene mode, of course. I may miss theadded shelf life of the lithium batteries, but I certainly will not miss paying for them.

These cameras are not the be-all-end-all of indoor photography. I took some pictures indoors on a cloudy day with no lights on in the house (but it wasn't dark). The background came out dark, without much contrast against dark hair. In a small room, it was OK. Also, the noise reduction makes the pictures a little "smooth" or "soft." I think they looked better with a little sharpening applied. I would sure like thiscamera to have a faster lens, like the F/1.8 on the S85 of yesteryear. The behemoth which is the F828, I would not consider. It'd be nice if these little camerashad a PCSync portto trigger something other than a slave flash. Sony wants a hundred bucks for the slave flash, and then you're only in trial and error manual territory.

I've gotten some very decent pictures, and some terrible ones. I was just hoping that when pointing and shooting, a larger percentage would have been keepers. I haven't taken it outside much, as I yethave only the small suppliedmemory stick, but the macro shots of blueberries and a rose look very nice...
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Thanks... I appreciate the feedback!
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I evaluated both for the last week..

Both very nice.

The P100 has a bit better black levels. The W1 is a bit grainy but they are both on par and good. The Flash sticks on both..

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