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Hello, I'm trying to figure out what filter(s) to get get for my soon to be H5. Just spoke with a camera dealer that carries Hoya. Had planed to get the HMC but remember reading somewhere that a polarizer is good for coastal areas. I live in western Newfoundland where we are surrounded by mountains not to mention ocean. :d

I would appreciate some advice from H series owners regarding this. I know the polarizers come in both circ and linear. Of the two what is recomended? All I understand about them is that one transmits more light into the cam than the other.

Lastly, many owners have swaped their adapter tube for something shorter. Will I be ok using the stock unit with a filter to get started or should I purchase one of these now? Thank you in advance.

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Buy linear, cheaper. But it only works on digicams , not dslrs, so if you buy a dslr later you will not be able to continue using the linear.

Circular pls work with both digicams and dslrs, but tend to be more expensive.

You can buy a nice metal adapter tube from http://www.pemaraal.com/H1acc.html

Looks much more professional, slightly shorter so thats to the good especially if you are intending to use more than one filter at a time, but its not an absolute priority, use the Sony one till you have the spare cash.

Other useful filters?


I use a UV filter attached most of the time, mostly just to add protection to the camera lens and block dust etc from being able to touch it.

Others swear that any filters added infront of a lens can add color casts however slight so unless they need a specific use filter (ND,PL etc)use the adapter tube onlyto prevent damage to the lens as it extends.

ND, nice for overly bright days or when you want to cut the light down to take those fluffy/foamy shots of waterfalls.

Graduated NDs are good for scenery, where a bright sky would be washed out when you meter for the land, ie the darker half goes over the sky while the clear is over the land, thus you get both land and sky in balance.

Most other filters (color/warming etc) can be easily created in software so may have little use,except for something like anIR(infra red) filter .

You may also like to get a close up lens, for macro photography, ie close up pictures of flowers, coins, etc or with the more powerful closeups, insects eyes etc .

Most people buy a teleconverter, such as the Sony VCL-DH1757, x1.7 taking the H series out to 734mm equivalent, or a wide angle for those shots of cities , houses and wide group shots.

Obviously you will be wanting to read the H1 whitepaper, http://www.aakatz.com/h1whitepaper/

That has recommended settings, chapters on macro photography, telephoto, wide angle etc.

Try to buy quality whatever you buy, the cheap tcons and wcons on ebay are garbage, so too the cheap filters, go with a good make whatever you do and where filters are concerned always tryto get multicoated optics.

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