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Default Suggestions on Lens Cleaning Solution???

I own a Sony DSC-F717 Cybershot camera featuring the Carl Zeiss lens. I was taking pictures recently over Christmas and noticed that I have a smudge mark on the lens of my camera when it must have touched one of my mother's dining chairs when it was dangling from my neck.... I believe it to be wood polish.

I've tried numerous times with Sony Tech Support in trying to determine what sort of cleaning solution (in terms of contents) I should try avoiding if I cannot get Sony brand cleaning material. All I get is that they do no offer tech support for third party stuff and that I should try using a lens cloth.

I was thinking of using the eye glass cleaner sold at Wal-Mart which is marketed as safe for anti-glare coated lenses. Does anyone think using this stuff as a bad idea?

Or does anyone suggest a different brand of cleaner and what exactly is the ideal way of cleaning a camera lens. I'm a real newbie to this camera stuff and would appreciate any suggestions anyone has to offer.
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I believe that industrial optical folks use isopropol alcohol (high proof) followed by DI (de-ionized) water. Gently swab with soft, lint free lens tissue in a circular motion.
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Go into any camera store and ask for lens cleaning solution and tissues. Kodak used to make them, probably still do.

As long as whatever is on your lens is not sticky, you could also use a 'lenspen'. I think that's a brand name. It works very well on things like fingerprints and general atmospheric grunge.

But DO NOT use water.

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Old Feb 26, 2004, 9:21 PM   #4
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I've had greasy-lens problems for the last two years.
Until I found the ULTIMATE solution.

No joke - the Wal*Mart lens wipes (sold in their watch/glasses/jewelry department) are astonishing! I now use them on my glasses and even on LCD screens.

They remove -everything- and leave a crystal-clear lens unlike anything I've ever seen before.
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Lens wipes are great !
I use Sears Optical Lens wipes.
When I clean the lens, I lift up the wipe as I'm going over the lens so as not to drag particles trapped by the wipe over the lens.
I <<<<<NEVER>>>>>apply pressure while wipping the lens.
The liquid within the wipe is enough to dissovle any grease or other contaminates. The fibers from the wipe is enough to lift it off.
Don't laugh but......... I also use one wipe to clean the fingers that I'm going to use to hold the next wipe that cleans the lens.
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