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I am looking at the W90 that has Super SteadyShot and I'm wondering if this feature is worth it? I've heard mixed reviews about SSS - the guy at Circuit City told me that it causes the ISO to get bumped up, thus causing blurrier and grainier pictures. Does anyone have any experience with this camera that can comment? I just want nice, crisp, sharp pictures.
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Super steady shot is the Sony name for image stabilisation/vibration reduction.

Sensors in the camera detect shake and move the lens to compensate.

In other words its true physical image stabilisation not the false stabilisation found on some other cameras which simply bump up the ISO to get a fast shutter speed.

I would suggest not buying a camerafrom a so called expert that does notknow that SSS is true optical IS.

The cameracan also be set to use higherISOs to get a faster shutter speed.

As with most digicams (excepting Fujis obviously) ignore the very highest ISOs andassume 400 as the highest setting to generally use with perhaps 800 for smaller prints.

From the press release.

The cameras incorporate Super Steady Shot® optical image stabilization to safeguard against blur caused by camera shake. Their high sensitivity (up to ISO3200) settings can help to fight blur associated with fast-moving subjects.

Sony have taken recently to calling the combination of SSS and high iso settingsDouble Anti-blur technology

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First this option was used in Sony camcorders.. I had DCR-TRV740E before some years.. but the only thing that I was doing with it was shooting still images (1,2 megapixels only), almost no video.. So I have changed it to my DSC-V1 after a while..

Tech info from Sony:

Super SteadyShot® Picture Stabilization minimizes camcorder "jitter" and "shake" without any change to the quality of the image.

Super SteadyShot® Picture Stabilization uses horizontal and vertical motion sensors located inside the lens assembly area. These sensors detect high frequency camcorder motion, like you might experience in a moving car, and an oversized CCD chip compensates for the movement.

The Super SteadyShot® system utilizes a Hyper Precision CCD chip with up to 3,300K pixels. Only 330K pixels are required to deliver an excellent picture, though Sony uses up to 690K. The extra pixels on the chip compensate for horizontal and vertical motion, minimizing camcorder shake without degrading the picture quality.

Different than most other digital image stabilization systems, Super SteadyShot® produces clear images even while zooming, shooting moving objects, or shooting in low light.
[line]Some examples of my old pics with a camcorder.. Year 2004


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Yes, the over sized sensor trick is often used in camcorders, but the SSS/IS/VR used on digicams is usually by moving the lens or the ccd itself to counteract hand shake.
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