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Default T1 "bug" -- answer from Sony

I have now had an answer from Sony on what appeared
to be a bug with the T1.

To recap, in program mode the camera takes longer
exposures than in auto mode, all other settings at default,
and noise reduction is invoked as well.

Sony says this is by design, although it is not documented.
Basically, auto mode is limited to a slowest exposure of one eigth second, whole program can go to one second. Of course, if you are in program mode, there is no way to force the exposure
down to 1/8, so you are stuck with auto if you want the fastest possible shot with wide aperture.

While Sony may not regard this as a bug, it is clearly
undesirable, as auto mode leaves you unable to adjust a
range of optional factors, while Program mode forces
you to use the highly problemmatic noise reduction, and also endure camera shake -- this camera cannot be used wit h a tripod.

In any case, here is Sony's response:

After checked with Camera Technical Support Department, we would like to
inform you that the still images of "Auto & Program" shooting is not the
same results. The Auto function is automatically adjusted as needs to allow
easy shooting. " Program" is made automatically like "Auto" but you can also
change the focus and other adjustments as desired.(Instruction manual pages
43, 102).
For your information :
As DSC-T1 specification, we would like to inform you that the Shutter speed
of "Auto mode" is 1/8-1/1000 sec. but "Program mode" is (1-1/1000 sec.)
Example: The same picture
The still image 1
The condition : To choose a mode "Program"
Shutter speed / Aperture value :1.0, F4.4, (Shutter speed 1/1 second ,1
Auto White Balance

The still image 2
The condition : To choose a mode "Auto"
Shutter speed / Aperture value : 8.0, F4.4, (Shutter speed 1/8 second,
0.125 sec.)
Auto White Balance
For the above: The Shutter speed is difference:
"Program mode", the shutter speed and aperture will be automatically
adjusted to the suitable value to attain correct exposure according to the
brightness of the subject. As the program mode, the Shutter speed range
start from 1 sec. but "Auto mode", the shutter speed is limited 1/8 seconds.
Therefore, "Program mode" is brighter than "Auto mode"

Note: The lower shutter speed, 1/1 sec. removes noise from recorded images
to provide clean, crisp images. Using a tripod in recommended to prevent
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Note it's the same in DSC-V1, DSC-P10 where in Auto Mode,
1/8 sec shutter is the longest you can get compared to
Program Mode. Anyway. I sold my T1 yesterday at $100
cheaper and ordered a second hand DSC-F55 which you
said previously beat the T1 in low light performance and
without flash. I got really curious how it can do it when its
shutter is limited to 1/30 second and ISO 100. Low light
shot may not be possible without flash theoretically
but since you said it can do excellently. I ordered it from
a second hand store. I wonder if its ISO is higher than
100 and cleaner or other unknown factor. Hope I didn't
waste money on an old model and won't be disappointed
by its performance

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Oops... I wasn't recommendi ng that anyone go out and
buy the F55 at this point since many other aspects of
the technology are outdated. The DSC-F77 would be a
much better bet since it has all the advantages of the 55
plus is newer. It is not officially for sale in the US, but can be
found grey market.

I don't really know why i got such good results with the 55,
but note it has a great lens without a zoom. My favourite
film camera is a little Ricoh with no zoom but a fast lens,
so maybe there's some connection.

If you can cancel your order and get an F77 instead I'd
recommend you to do that. I am seriously considering getting
a 77 for myself when I am in Singapore in a couple of weeks.
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