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Try to visit,


The debate about the T1 continues there. I am a beginner
like you too you know.


Originally Posted by RobJK
Mestleman / jrichmond:

Again thanks for this fascinating thread. Its a crash course on what to look out for!

Mestleman: you have made conclusions about the sixze of the sensor being a very important factor in regard to the pictures discussed. The older 2 MP cameras have a larger sensor, and is this what makes them able to cleanly go up to ISO 400?

More specifically, can you tell me what to look for in any brand of camera's specifications, in regard to the sensor size? I'm a bit new at this, so what should the sensor size be to get these better results?
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Mr Miyagi,

Thanks for the direct comparison to the S400.

...and everyone.....

With the new DSC-W1 and other new cameras, how do we know if its sensor is the right size? It seems the conclusion is the T1 has these low light problems due to its small sensor (and the lowest F number is too high)...so what is it that we look for when reading specifications to indicate that the SENSOR is OK?
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plz some1 answer which one do u recommend the sony t1 or casio z40, or pentax s4i. I really dont care if it had 5 or 4 MP as long the image fits a 15.4" screen(laptop), but what I care about is the image quality and camera size. so which 1 has the best image quality????? another thing does the t1 slides easly in jeans??
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Default The T1 in the life of a 24 year old!!!

Ok so I have read all the post checked out all the problems and decided that the T1 is still a good buy for my use.

I am not stupid enough to buy a camera like this to take pictures of transport at night or enter photograph competitions or pretend I am any kind of expert.

I have got a T1 for saving the craziness that is my life.

So maybe you would like to know how the camera worked out on a night out with a lot of drunken friends, curry and dancing!


The biggest surprise to me was that there was not one blurred image! seriously. by 2 in the morning we were a little bit merry (ruined) and finding it hard to hold a drink, yet still all the images were spot on

In the restaurant the lighting was a little low so we simply slipped the flash to a higher level and bosh! no problem.

The camera is real small and fits into jean pockets nice! trouble is it is soooo small that you donít realize when it's not in your pocket there were a few occasions when we all had to check our pockets to find it.

The only thing i would say is that the red eye reduction is not great, but I will just put a batch editor together in a photo shop, job done.

I am not disagreeing with anything said on this thread, but lets be realistic! this camera is a very very good toy and it is perfect for my needs!

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Old Mar 31, 2004, 1:14 AM   #65
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I absolutely agree with Chris H's opinion. T1's size and LCD screen are wonderful things. I'am all pleasure with my new one, the DSC-T1.
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I have enjoyed my T1 for 4 weeks or so now and I have use it in low-light.. and guess what, its the same as all the other pocket cameras. Surprise! NOT.

The f3.5 told me the story up front, before purchase.

It is what I wanted; easily carried and non-showy, non-noticable and harder for thieves to target. And having it with me all the time, the ratio of good candid happy-snaps increases.

One poster asked about how it fits in jean pockets. In a word - excellent.

But do you all want to know the real bonus of the T1 size. the attraction for me .... (hope the Sony marketing spin doctors are reading this) (totally non-photo engineering design point)


Here goes:

The Sony T1 is the first decent camera that will fit into my sporran!!

(Now you know).

And a sporran is small!

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Default Some T1 Reviews

Here are some recent reviews of the T1. I've had mine for over a month and I still think it's a great camera. I'm a former photojounalist now working in the advertising industry and I'm finding it hard not to take great pictures. Buying this camera will only be a mistake if put in the hands of an inexperienced snapshooter.


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Default low light shooting

As has been mentioned, taking pictures at night needs a lot more input and skill. Maybe I`m missing the point here but a serious low light photographer surely wouldn`t choose a camera that was designed as a easy pocket carry anywhere bit of kit?? From what I read from reviews the T1 does a good job for what it is designed for ie: to be able to have a camera with you at all times just in case! which doesn`t (in my book) mean something that can compare to my 1Ds under(what are) the most difficult form of street photography. I reckon if you support the camera against a lamp post the results would be better(although you would still see the movement from moving things) You wouldn`t hire a 12v battery drill to put a 1" hole through solid concrete and then complain that it doesn`t do the job and should be avoided. A camera with a viewfinder would at least be a better bet at night because you would get the support from your head at least and then you`d have the bulk to carry around during the day which would defeat the object. Night time take a DSLR , tripod,soft release, mirror up,shield from wind with body ,breath in and prey daytime stick the T1 in your top pocket and enjoy the walk-a-bout.
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