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SalBolzano Mar 30, 2005 1:38 PM

I know that sony has the 1.7X and the 2.6 X teleconverter for the W1/W5 cameras and they are for a 30mm thread.

But, DO YOU KNOW of a more powerful converter, like a 4x or a 5x that can work with the camera? I like the 12x zoom of the panasonicFZ20, but it is a big camera to carry around while in the mountains or by the beach, and a powerful converter may be the answer. The W1 is a 3x optical zoom so with a 4x converter it would be a 12x zoom to be able to take a pic. of a castle high in the Alps! . - I also hhave a 500 mm zoom lens but the thread is 72 mm. are there step-up ringh from 30to72mm? Or is it silly to do it?
So, if you have tried or know of anything like this, please advise !

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