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Blake3298 Jan 24, 2007 11:08 PM

Im wanting to learn more about photography and from all the reviews it seems this may be the right camera to start with. Im a complete novice. I had a Canon S400 ( it recently died ) and I loved that thing. But now its time to move on. I want a camera that I can take action shots, some lowlight and many outdoor shots. I was thinking about another compact camera like the Sony W100 or Fuji F20. Do you think this is the right choice or should I just go with a point and shoot. Money is kind of a factor but the H2 is onlsale for around 314.00 . I thought that was a good price. I was aslo wondering if this will be a big pain to carry around? I have never owned a camera big enough to require a big bag. Can someone recommend one ? Thanks in advance for all your help.


nickphoto123 Jan 26, 2007 8:26 AM

Hello Blake,

Your request covers alot of bases.

You need to simplify.

I suggest that you take the following approach:

1) If the camera you purchase enables you to meet your photographic needs you don't have to worry about any new camera that comes along. You also will know that you don't need any other camera.

2) Identify what you want from a camera, from pressing the shutter to making a print or displaying on the web. Then look at the reputable reviews ( start right here at Steve's ) to find which cameras will enable you to meet your identified photographic needs.

3) Then shop and try to hand hold and inspect your choices.

All this takes some effort. But once you do this you can focus on taking pictures rather than on what you use to take the pictures.

Hope this is of some help. Good looking and shopping.


paniolo Jan 26, 2007 1:57 PM


The H2/H5 (I have an H5) are great cameras. It depends on what you will be doing with it. If you normally point and shoot and are satisfied with the results, then stay with a simple, small P&S. If you want more control, the H2 is super. If you get a little more serious and will carry lens hood, spare batteries and memory, filters etc., then a bag will be a necessary part of your kit.

After owning the H5, my only comment (if there is an H6) would be to use 4 AA or Lio battery with higher capacity. The flash is VERY powerful, but recycling times are too long when shooting at long range (because of the limited capacity of the AA batteries). Other than that, the H5 offers manual controls and great zoom range. At some point I will probably return to a SLR, but dread the additional bulk and weight of carrying equipment.

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