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Gyozo Sep 25, 2003 7:02 PM

Time lag on Sony 717
I' m intrested to know if there is some time lag after pressing the shutter button and the photo been taken on the the Sony 717.


kcemb Oct 7, 2003 10:01 AM

Time lag on Sony 717
Yes, there is a shutter lag with the 717 as with all digital cameras, and no matter what you read, I can tell you that the 717 lag is dreadful. You minimise the lag by half pressing to allow the camera to focus, then when you fully press to take the shot, the lag is minimised. But the lag compared to my previous cameras, Oly C2000Z, C700UZ, C2100UZi, and E-100RS, is still terrible. I know that this will cause people to post wonderful action shots they have taken with their 7x7s, to demonstrate that I am talking through my backside, but I can tell you that I loose at least half my action shots, even with close familiarity with the subject, and with anticipation of the action. Manual focus and manual shutter and aperture settings make not a jot of difference to the lag.
If you want a camera for action shots, best look elsewhere.
That is basically why I recently bought my Oly E-100RS, which I intend to use in preference to the 717 when action is involved. It can be used with negative shutter lag!
It's a case of horses for courses, as they say.

Sadly, I cannot tell you which high mpixel cameras have less lag than the 717, as I am not prepared to quote from other than my own personal experience.

I love my 717 that I have had for just one year, but it has been back to Sony twice in that time for fault repair, and that really is not good enough. I absolutely love the camera, but I am giving it just one more chance before I dump it. If it goes back to Sony again, and that will cost me because it is now out of warrenty, then it wil get the heave-ho onto ebay.

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