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View Poll Results: What camera is a good all-rounder for a decent price and what I want to do with it (see post)?
Sony DSC-V1, 8x scope, IR flash, 256MB memory stick, mass storage photo wallet with color LCD 0 0%
Canon G3, 8x scope, very powerful IR light (for fast shutter no-light pics), IR filter, keep my CF memory 0 0%
Minolta Z1, powerful IR light (see G3 option), 2x or 3x teleconverter, 256MB memory, color LCD photo wallet 0 0%
Minolta Z2, otherwise same as Z1 option 0 0%
Panasonic DMC-FZ10, teleconverter, powerful IR light for fast-shutter no-light action shots, 256MB memory, photo wallet color LCD 0 0%
Olympus C-765 UZ, etc.... (powerful IR light, filter, teleconverter, ...) 0 0%
Olympus C-770 UZ, etc..... 0 0%
buy back the S1 IS that I returned to Fry's (too noisy in low light for my taste, poor / no autofocus in low light) 0 0%
some option I have not listed here (price has to stay below what I have mentioned in my post) 0 0%
Sony DSC-F717 (if I can also find a camera case to go on my hip), see V1 options 0 0%
Voters: 0. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Apr 22, 2004, 11:03 PM   #1
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Default trying to decide whether to get V1 or something else....

ok... first... what I want to be able to do...

take pics from far away (in good light). Here's an example of one thing I'm talking about... (taken with a Canon A70 in the middle of the day outside)
click for the pic - too wide to embed in post
The exif data for the original shot says 1/1000 sec shutter, aperture F4.0, focal length 211/32 (could someone explain what this means?), probably ISO 50, but it doesn't say.

I'd be willing to settle for getting a 4x6 size (decent quality - like at least 160-200dpi) print of the 27x36 pixel "crop" on the A70 pic, but getting a similar print of the smaller boxed section would be nice. I don't need as wide of a field of view as the example pic shows, and I don't mind cropping some to get the shot in the box(es) as long as I can get decent quality postcard-size prints with the crops.

In low-light, I would like to be able to....

well... here's a pic taken with the A80, and the levels command in Photoshop was liberally used...

ISO 50, shutter 1/80 sec, aperture F2.8, would be EV -6 if the camera went that low. Original shot is almost completely black.
Here's what I would prefer for it to look like with almost no light (with the same or faster shutter speed):

some data is in the filename on that one. (btw I just desaturated the pic - I don't know how to simulate nightshot mode.) BTW, I'm thinking about candid action shots in very low light, not just still-life photos like that one is. Also, how good would the V1 be for when I'm not using nightshot / nightframing mode, and there is some more light available (but not daylight) - how fast of a shutter speed (compared to other cameras) could I get for a given focal length, EV, and amount of ISO-related image noise?

BTW, I should mention that the majority of my shots will most likely be handheld.
Also, it'd be nice to be able to get accurate double/multiple exposures (by rapid jerk-panning in the middle of the exposure), and take handheld self portraits, pics around corners, etc. (added bonuses though)

Ok... now... for the list of equipment I'm thinking about getting...
camera: Sony DSC-V1 (preferably with an extra battery)
memory: 256MB Memory Stick (NOT a MagicGate one!)

extra memory storage: Archos Jukebox Multimedia 20 or AV120 (or if someone wants to suggest another one, all I ask is that it have at least 10GB storage, a usable color screen so that my friends can look at the pics on it (like an electronic photo album), and be able to hook up a flash card reader to it (an added bonus would be to be able to directly hook the camera and my portable flash-based mp3 music player/recorder (Pogo RipFlash+ 256MB) to it.)

8x scope to be attached to the camera when I feel the need to use it (preferably one with a manual zoom ring / telescoper so I can zoom the scope in and out, and maybe an AF/MF switch where AF uses the camera's autofocus and for MF there's a manual focus ring). Preferably one that when not in use is compact enough to either fit in my pocket or in a small camera pack on my hip.

some kind of semi-powerful IR light. (would a camcorder IR light (for nightshot mode) be adaptable to the flash hot-shoe on the V1? or should I just get an IR flashlight?)

If for some reason I decide not to go with the Sony DSC-V1, if I go for maybe a Minolta Z2 or something like that instead, is there an IR lamp powerful enough to illuminate (without visible light) an otherwise pretty much completely dark (like being inside a house at night wiht the main lights (except maybe a night light in an adjacent room) turned off) scene so I could get a faster than 1/80 sec shutter speed pic from up to 25 feet away, about as well lit as the desaturated pic above?

In order to get the dough necessary (I'm a bit tight on it right now, but my A70 broke a couple months ago so I decided it's time for an upgrade) for this pending purchase, I would sell (besides having already returned a Canon S1 IS to Fry's)...
a 1 month old lightly used Canon A80
CompactFlash cards - 1GB Sandisk, 512MB Sandisk, 256MB SimpleTech, 128MB Dane-Elec, 64MB Lexar 12x

btw I also have a 0.45x wide+macro conversion lens and a 2x teleconverter, and a cheap (full size) tripod that came with the A80 bundle I got on ebay (the A80 was new in the box when I got it). I'd probably keep them, unless I happen to get something better that comes with the camera.

Would this be a good way to go for the price? Or would I be better off with something else?

I would like to have the camera (and some equipment, emphasis on photo taking aids) in my hands by May 7, or earlier if possible.
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Old Apr 23, 2004, 4:22 AM   #2
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I added the Sony DSC-F717 as a possible option to the poll.

It's a big bigger than I would like, though. Anyone know of another good 5mp camera with infrared capabilities, a 2/3" sensor, at least F/2.0 lens, that's smaller than the F717, or is that the only one that meets these preferences?
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