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withinity Jun 11, 2004 12:17 AM

I read the review of the T1 and thought it might work for me. I will mainly be taking photos of buildings outside or of small objects close-up; I almost never take pics of people. I would buy the tripod case for either the T1 or the T11. I want a camera that's portable enough to always have onhand.

After reading this forum, I am really concerned though about the breakability of the lcd screen. And does anyone else think removing the lens cover on the T11 might be a bad idea? The camera looks cool in person and I almost couldn't put it down, but the T1 actually seems smaller and maybe a little more practical.

I am also not sure about the quality of indoor pics -- can they really be worse than my cellphone camera, which is all I have to compare it to? (Also a Sony) If the pics are dark, I can photoshop them later, within reason. Does the T11 have any improvement in this area?

Which is better, or should I just wait for the DSC-F88 instead?

SLD Jun 11, 2004 7:20 AM

I often us a digicam at work to take pic's of electronic components and circuit boards, most often to document damage. My T1 does a very good job of these close shots of small parts. Most of the time I just use available room light but sometimes I add a photo light. It does great outdoors and I don't find the indoor performance to beas bad as I though it was going to be from what I have read. I am involved in community theater and have taken some shots of the stagefrom the back of the house. They were a bit tricky, and definitely required a tripod, but some came out very good.The large LCD is nice, but after reading of a couple of them getting broken I'm being careful of how I handle the camera, especially with the strap. It is a large target, easyfor something to hit.

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