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Default Use a tripod with your sony T1!!!!!

I am new to this forum, i just got a sony T1. I just wanted to let you guys know that you will be able to use a tripod with your sony T1 even though it does not have a tripod mount.
Sony is releasing a case, part code AJK-THA, it makes possible to attach a tripod to your T1.

Hope it helps.

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eeeerm ok then!

can someone help me out here? why would u pay good money for a camera that can fit in your pocket, when u could buy a camera of a similar spec that needs a bag if your gonna carry around a tripod thats 4 times the size :? hmmmmm

anyway, found this link:


nope! i dont understand a word either but hey, it has pictures
(the link, not my post :roll: )

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Maybe because it can come in handy from time to time. Maybe people want to be able to take the occasional holiday family photo using the timer to send to friends. Why should they have to get a special "tripod" camera just for those rare shots?

Simply having the option to use a tripod doesn't mean you're obligated to lug it around 24/7. :roll:
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well - i must agree - i find it a little cheaky to not put a tripod into this camera (thats costs a fair bit in the first place)

The case does look very good - as the camera would do well to have some protection - but again its comes down to having to use a case at all...
Its like when people buy the smallest, newest phone - then go and buy a fat leather case around it - making it the same size as their phone from 3 years ago! madness

I didn't think it would be too much of a problem until i tried to take nightshots - the pictures are terrible - very blurred indeed. I think i'll buy the case- but keep it handy not on the camera
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