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raskal311 Nov 23, 2004 4:16 PM

I am looking to buy the sony 1 one off of ebay and I hear that the batter is not very good but how many pic can i expect to take off of one charge? How does it compare to lets say the w1. 1/2, 2/3....? BTW how long do you think I would have to wait before the new v3 lowers in price to about $500?

CyberShotNut Nov 23, 2004 7:04 PM

V1 is a great camera. It lasts about 90 minutes per charge on average, which is about 1/2 of what the W1 lasts. The amount of shotsdepends on flash/lcd use, with both on, i'd guess you get a little over 100 pictures as my 256mb memory stick holds 98 pictures and there is usually a little life left in the battery after the memory is full.

Since it's pretty new, i'm guessing the V3 will stay at $600+ for a while.

raskal311 Nov 24, 2004 11:12 AM

perfect thank you

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