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Default V1??? G3??? G5???

Heya! my questions are!

Im really gettin nuts... cant choose the right camera for me!!! Ill mostly shoot pictures from family, landscapes, macro of some equipments/engines, travels (so it should be not too bulky). Seldon Ill have to print 8X10...
Im going for a Canon G5, G3, Sony V1...

The G3/V1 has the same price... and G5 is like 200 dollar higher price... I would like you to compare G3/V1 and G5/V1 ... you guys really think it worth the money???

Ill give my opinion about those cameras and then ya could coment and say whatever ya fell about them!

-good size
-battery life
-swivel LCD
-someone say that it has red eye and chromatic aberration (blue)

-really like the sony´s hologram/night shot
-dont know if its too small (especially when flash pop up)....
-like the metal body and lens protection
-really like the VGA option for movies!
-poor battery life

Thanks for your help

I really need someother opinions to feel better!!

Thanks Again!!!
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The Sony V1 is excellent!! I have had it for 3 weeks and taken over 1000 photos. Mainly through experimentation.
The V1 has a lowest noise out of the the 3 cameras you mention, which is the biggest issue I have with digital cameras. Purple fringing is present in some pics at wide angle, but the low noise more than makes up for it.
I admit that the battery life isnt as good as some cameras out there, however I think people are getting spoilt. If 3000 shots per charge was normal, would you complain about 1500?

With approx 200 shots per charge the V1 is fine for me, and yes, I have purchased a spare battery (and fast charger). 2 lower capacity batteries are more practical than 1 high capacity battery - you can charge one while you use the other (with a seperate charger). Even high capacity batteries go flat! Then what?

You mention a swivel LCD - It may fold away and protect the screen, but what else are you going to do with it?

As for size, thats personal preference. I chose the V1 because I wanted a small camera which took good quality pics. When I'm on holiday, I dont want to be lugging around a big camera. In actual fact, I would prefer it smaller, but if I chose a smaller model (from whatever brand) I'd be sacrificing quality (image quality being the strong point of the V1).

My recommendation is to buy the V1, and budget for a (very handy - regardless of capacity) second battery and seperate charger (I would buy these regardless of the battery life. For some reason I always want to take photos when the cameras charging. You won't be disappointed with the V1.

Check out http://www.tipa.com/awa_2004.lasso
The V1 won the "Best Digital Prosumer Camera" title.

Also, the nightshot is kinda cool, and you cant beat the hologram focusing.
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