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dappsplaya Nov 1, 2004 11:54 AM

I used to have an MVC-CD400 that had a very fast lens and it could take good low light pics without a flash and I got rid of it due to its size. I have since bought a W1 and sold it due to its soft/fuzzy pics without a flash. I am trying to find a camera that will take good indoor shots without a flash without blurring in every shot. I know the 828 has a fast lens but how does the V3 compare. It doesn't seem like there are many cameras out anymore that can take good non flash photos in low light. Any help with my V3 question would be appreciated.


CyberShotNut Nov 1, 2004 5:11 PM

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The V3 is decent indoors with no flash, of course as with any camera, the shutter speed slows and moving objects will blur. Here is a pic taken with my V3, no tripod, noflash indoor. The EXIF info should be available if you save the picture to your computer...

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