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Hemogoblin Jun 29, 2008 11:34 PM

I purchased the T200 at the beginning of the year, and from all aspects it is a great looking camera with a ton of cool features. The LCD is huge, and every time I pull it out to take a pic, people always ask about the camera. It looks great.

BUT, I don't know why, but many, if not most of the pictures I take are blurry to some degree. So much so, that I have now pretty much stopped using it and have went back to my clunky Canon :sad:

To try to combat this, I started taking photos in high-speed mode (the one used for sports, etc.) and the pictures come out clear and crisp. But, the actual LCD is next to black (it's really dark) when you have it in that mode, and it basically makes it impossible to use the LCD to line up a shot. That being said, in high-speed mode, the picture itself will be very dark too, unless a flash is used, even in high-light conditions.

Anyone have these issues, or have an idea of what may be the problem? I'm getting so sick of this.... don't think I'll ever buy a Sony product again :sad:


Sintares Jun 30, 2008 1:14 PM

Sports mode uses a high shutter speed however if the camera can't take in enough light in that time the picture is dark (but sharp)

Since in normal mode the problem is blur, i assume thats due to movement blur in the subjects or possibly blur due to slight camera shake while hand held that the stabilisation can't correct for (eg at very slow shutter speeds)

Take a look at some of the pictures, and check the shooting information for shutter speed, focal lengthand iso.

To combat shake due to hand holding the old rule was 1/focal length in secondsie at full tele (175mm) for a reasonable chance of a sharp shot the shutter speed should be 1/175s or faster.

With image stabilisation you might get away with 2 stops or so less, ie 1/45s or so (maybe)

Stabilisation does not help with blur due to subject movement.

For that there are two cures.

Tell the subject to stand motionless or a faster shutter speed.

Look at the reported ISO in the blurred shots, when you double the ISO the shutter speed also doubles, so if a shot was 1/10s at ISO 100, it would be 1/20s at ISO 200, 1/40s at ISO 400 etc etc

You should be able toraise the ISO as needed to raise the shutter speed if the auto mode does not do it for you (check the manual), the draw backs being that compactsare poorat high isos ( and even moderate isos ) adding a grainy effect with splodges of random colors etc as the iso increases.

You can also open the aperture of the camera to let in more light, I am not sure if the camera has a setting to let you do this, or if its a fully automatic and chooses for you, check your manual.

Remember that as you zoom the aperture closes down, at wide you are at f3.5 at tele it has closed down to f4.4 about 35% less light.

And of course at short range (couple of meters) you could also use flash to freeze motion.

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