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Default Viewing pics with Memory Stick on Sony XBR910 TVs

Anyone try viewing their pics on Memory Sticks?

I'm considering getting my first digital camera and looking at the Sony's because of this feature. Not really familiar with the formats or whether viewing pics on the TV is that great an experience. I wouldn't expect it to be as sharp as looking at pics on a computer but why not use the extra resolution and bigger screen of the 34XBR910?

The manual says it's compatible with Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick with Memory Select.

But the cameras I'm looking at, such as the Sony Cybershot P10, uses the newer Memory Stick Pro format. If stores like Best Buy didn't have a 15% restocking fee, I could just try it and see how good the pics looked or whether the Pro format worked on this TV.

Even with 3 megapixel cameras, the resolution should far exceed the capabilities of this set. Or for that matter, most computer monitors. So I wonder how it'll handle that. Maybe scrolling around?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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On the tv you can see exacly what u see on the lcd screen. I have a dsc-p8, when connected to a sony tv via cable the picture is resised in order to fit the tv screen. you can use the camera buttons then to scroll around or zoom in. Of course becuse i have a 14 inch tv, its totaly worthless for me and i just use the pc to watch the pics and videos. Now if you have a big tv screen thats another story. I said that my tv is old and doesnt hav an MS slot so i connect the camera with cable but i suppose same way works by pluging the stick on tv. Of course the pictures show up sharper on the pc monitor, but If you have a big tv screen i guess it would be nice to watch the pics with some friends.
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if your going to buy you next TV based on its ability to read a memorystick i suggest you start looking at the limits of the memorystick itself.
1- just about any digital camera has a video out
2- memorysticks are only currently useable in 2 manufacturers cameras- sony and konica/minolta(limited to original version).
3- the memory sticks has 2 styles currently the original which is capacity limited and the new memorystick pro which does not work on all models of cameras. will the TV use both versions? can the camera use both versions.

this is an issue that will be a problem in the future. with sony making larger ccds like in the new 828 they have been forced to put in, in addition to a MS slot, a CF slot. this is because they seem to not be able to deliver the capacity that will be needed for the larger megapixel cameras that will be produced for a reasonable amount of money. i 1 GB CF card goes for about $170-250us where a 1GB MS goes for about $400us+

currently the odds are starting to stack against the MS since it has no growth potential currently outside of sony itself.with more open standard cards being produced cheaper and at greater capacity hurts them too. even the konica/minolta cameras have their own SD slots which is another open standard that has already spread much further then ms has.
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