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I'm really satisfied with the pictures of the W1, more so than I was with the P93A, maybe not really so because it's got better picture quality (does it?), but because I understand the settings more, that I come to this conclusion.

The red-eye, though, is a big issue. I know I can photoshop them, but prevention is always better, right? Well from first experiences using the flash, it's really terrible. The P93 did have redeye, but not sò aggressive. The upside is the symmetric/straight fill of the flash, because it's upcentered, preventing those shadows next to object/people.

I'm trying hard not to use the flash, not necessarily to prevent this problem, but because I do appreciate it to have really the original colours and lighting the most, if you can understand, what I mean. But sometimes, it's just too dark to make pictures without flash, even when raising the ISO, set the aperture at full open. Lowering the shutter speed will of course actually solve the problem, but in a party it's obvious no one is standing still.

So I was thinking about a slave flash. And I soughtthrough this site, and these came in.

Will it solve the problem?a.e. ELIMINATING red-eye, or only lower the effect?I can't really see the question being answered, although that pic of the person who used the Mecablitz, seemed to be shot in a rather dark place, but with no red-eye.

The Mecablitz is as the Sony one, pricey, unlike the Vivitar. I've heard the Sony doesn't use penlites, but an expensive battery.

Well, in short. What are your thoughts about this?
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I'm seriously thinking of buying Vivitar DF120. Too bad I can't get it in Canada. And shipment cost from US is US$15 for a US$35 item. Ouch. it is 40% of the actual item. Let along the duty and tax.

Anybody know where I can get it in Canada?
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Where in Canada are you ?

Here in Toronto the 2 biggest are Vistek and Henrys. Henrys had nothing which really surprised me, but Vistek has the DF120 for $59.95 cdn + shipping (no customs, taxes ,duty etc..yaaahhhh!!)


I was actually just about to order one, having tried the Sony slave which is kinda ok, but not for $150 cdn.

Good luck, hope you can get one, in fact so do I too !!!!

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