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kmftjf Oct 28, 2004 4:10 PM

Hello - I have a W-1 (my first digicam) and took it on a recent trip to Germany. When I returned, I downloaded my images to my computer, selected the ones I wanted, and burned them to a cd. I took the cd to Ritz and had them printed. I have a couple of problems that I was hoping someone could clue me in on.

1. When I downloaded the images, they were not in the order I took the pictures in. I use windows XP to download directly but I have Dell Image Expert. I did load Sony's software but then took it off because it seemed to be unnecessary.

2. I reordered the pictures but then when Iburned them to the cd they rearranged again. This would not typically be a problem but I had about 300 images and I remember what/where the picture was taken by the order they are in.

3. My biggest problem is that when Ritz printed the 4X6 images, they cut off part of both of the 6 inch sides of the picture. I have people's heads cut off, and the tops of a lot of castles and mountains cut off. Is this something that is normal for a digital camera or is it a problem with the Ritz printing? Perhaps I needed to reconfigure the images before burning them to the cd? I want to make sure it is not my fault before going back to Ritz.

Thanks for your help and advice.


CyberShotNut Oct 28, 2004 5:06 PM

Sony cameras arrange pictures automatically in the order they were taken. (DSC01755 was just taken before DSC01756) When they are on the computer you can right click an empty spot in the folder and select "Arrange Icons By" then select "Name" they will then be in number order.

In order for 4x6 prints not to be cut off, you need to set your camers to 3:2 in the resolution setting menu.

kmftjf Oct 29, 2004 8:04 AM

Do you know if the 3:2 resolution is less quality than the 5M resolution? It lists less pixels but if the space is smaller then is the resolution of the printable area the same? Also, is there a way to convert it on my computer so I can get the full print from the pictures I have already taken, or will I just have no way of getting the full area printed?

CVonV Oct 30, 2004 1:00 AM

think of the 3:2 setting as just like a normal 4:3 ratio but with the top and bottom cropped off.

and yes you can manually crop your full 4:3 pics... when I get my pics printed, i use one of those self-service machines. you just load ur cd/memory card, and do all the editing/cropping urself. It's quite good :)

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