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scar_ace Jul 5, 2004 7:38 PM

Hi my W1 gets delivered in a few days, but I'm pretty certain it doesn't come with a case of any sort. Please post any links or pictures of your accessories which you use and like, especially cases in the form of slim covers that merely prevent scratches, and also more heavy duty but still small carrier bags, maybe with a strap.

Thanks Simon

datoda Jul 6, 2004 10:49 PM

Here's thebag I own and like:[email protected]@@@[email protected]@ @@&BV_EngineID=cckeadclkffigjdcehgcemgdffmdflh .0&keyword=dc-43&displayTarget=searchresults

Thisbag has a leathery texture and thick paddings, and a pocket for accessories. It also comes with a strap.

The only complaint I have with it is that the strap isa bitscratchy and can sometimes irritate my skin.

Pipkin Jul 7, 2004 4:08 AM

Here a case I bought in Helsinki for 16 euro.

Natural leather, just exact size for W1, strap, pocket for spare batteries & MS.

You may carry it on waist-belt & so on.

It is universal case, not special for W1. But is very suitable, comfortableand handly.

My W1 lives there very cozyly and is glad :)

Made by Vivanco.

scar_ace Jul 7, 2004 11:14 AM

They both look like they would take long to get the camera out, you know for those spare of the moment shots. :S
Maybe I will have to compromise on that then, I don't want my new toy getting dented lol.
Also, what about batteries and stuff. Any chargers to recommend? I will only ever be charging AA or AAA batteries, and not many at a time so 4x slots is adequate, but 6hours for that Sony one is too much!!!
Has anyone tried charging other NiMH batteries in the Sony charger, because I know they advise against it but I don't see how it could have an adverse affect?!

Thanks, Simon

Pipkin Jul 7, 2004 1:02 PM

You'd better wait a little.

SANYO just announced new Ni-MH charger NC-M57/MR57 (

It will charge 4 batteries in 1-4 hours or 280 min.

As for me, I began waiting:)

deedobleu Jul 12, 2004 1:13 PM

[align=left]I bought a case for my W1 from the folks of CaseLogic. The model is the DC-43. Here you are the URL of the product (I can't find the DC43 on the CaseLogic site, but it's like the DC-53, but smaller...) ( =2004071214021808&GENO=%21+GENO%21&FNM=99). [/align]

slipe Jul 12, 2004 2:23 PM

Unless you are getting an enormous amount of memory I think a set of batteries will fill the card. An extra set of high capacity batteries so you can always have a fresh set in the charger might be sufficient. Wait until you have used the camera for a while before deciding whether to buy a charger. Sophisticated chargers top off with a trickle charge, but you might have plenty of capacity without that.

The Maha chargers test out well and Thomas has some good packages:

Every camera I have I took to the local flea market for a case. They have dozens of stalls at my flea market with leather goods and bags. Something perfect always shows up. I like a belt pouch for small cameras and a fanny pack for the large ones. Leather cases give good protection for the little cameras. I prefer a case with a belt loop that keeps the camera horizontal rather than vertical. I usually modify the belt loop anyway, so it doesn't much matter how it comes.

scar_ace Jul 12, 2004 2:56 PM

Well I have a 512MB Pro stick that I just got and a 128MB Duo with adapter. I took the duo out for a long day's worth of shots recently, deleting a few to free up space for better shots and playing back a couple of times. The batteries just about lasted, so I'll definately buy another pair of Sony NiMHs.
As for the case issue, I picked up a LowePro D-Res8 which is quite big and modestly fits with space for a few accessories. Supposedly waterproof too.

Thanks for your help though

dscw1user Jul 14, 2004 2:06 PM


I got the Lowepro D-Res 8S for my W1 im really pleased with it, fast snap on and off, a very god superfit...

I can also recomend the X's Drive Pro USB2.0 Portable Storage (with MemoryStick Pro reader), i got the 40GB version and i am very pleased wit it (fast and simple) (built in MP3 player).

/Best Regards

bixbox Jul 28, 2004 11:25 AM

I found a cheap pair of TASCO binoculars at Shoppers DrugMart and the case they come with fits the W1 like a glove... smallest case I've seen that fits (including the SONY case). The binoculars were around $15.

I belive these are the ones I purchased.

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