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Manolito_Mystiq May 10, 2005 3:21 PM

(The first two being scanned)

I made a sort of document of my work:

Drawing of more than four years ago, a inspiration for my exam assignment


First real idea, and quite a winner at the same time, although pastel is not quite easy to use cleanless in such a solid way.

At the risk of bad consequences because of this along with me being very new into pastels, I decided to stick to Acrylic paint:

I wasn't quite satisfied by the colours. Neither did it have any 'style' like that of the pastelwork.

The acrylic paint I used was just cheap paint, so partly that was the reason (along with bad use of colours). Also the style of the architecture isn't top notch at all.

So I worked on both cons:

I worked on my architectural qualities and I bought some expensive acrylic paint:

Finally being fully satisfied of both the style and the colours, I started my work for real:

Still some work to do, but it finally will become:

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