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john6757 wrote:
Well, just to close this out, thanks to nearly everybodyfor such detailed replies. I was certainly looking for more detailed answers than the one I got earlier ("change the shutter speed" with unwrittenconnotation of "you moron," which wasn't really appreciated), and you all provided that and more!

I just reread the posts, and I don't think anyone intended to come across that way. Granted,one reply was simple (go to manual exposure and set the shutter speed). But, some users may not realize that the cameras have that ability, so it's sometimes useful to point this out. I often times have the opposite problem with my responses (too darned detailed, which can confuse new camera owners).

Barring Manual Exposure (which can be cumbersome to use in changing lighting conditons), increasing ISO speed is probably the easiest solution to getting faster shutter speeds.

Of course, that will have the side effect of increasing noise/grain. But, there are some good tools to reduce it. One that I've been impressed with is Noiseware from http://www.imagenomic.com (they have a free version). I'd start out with the defaults and try bumping up sharpness a couple of notches (this software has built in sharpening), too. You'd be surprised out how well it works at reducing the apperance of noise when you need to bump up your ISO speed a bit for shutter speed purposes.

You may also want to make sure the whole problem is motion blur (which is what your description sounded like). Sometimes, it can be focus related. You may want to try changing to Center versus Multi AF, too, just to make sure the camera isn't selecting a focus point other than your subject in some conditions (the center focus point is usually more sensitive/accurate on many cameras).

Please let us know what you find to be the best solution. That's what's great about the forums. Users can share their experiences and help others to get better photos -- sometimes finding solutions that others have overlooked.

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Old Dec 5, 2004, 10:58 AM   #22
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john6757 wrote:
I was certainly looking for more detailed answers than the one I got earlier ("change the shutter speed" with unwritten connotation of "you moron," which wasn't really appreciated)
If you are referring to me then I'm sorry, I certainly didn't mean to offend you.
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OK i'm kinda a rookie with digital camera but I did notice this on my dsc-v1 if I set my camera to"redeye reduction" the shutter speed is ALOT longer (i'm not sure thats even possible but I did do some testing and it seemed to make a big difference)

I now do not use the redeye reduction option and just edit the pictures with software.... worth a try if your looking for faster shutter speed?

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