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My 2 year old Sony W1 camera just developed a problem today for no reason (didn't drop it or anything). My lens all of a sudden doesn't sound the same when turning on and off the camera, and the zoom doesn't work at all on any setting.

It'll still take pix and video no problem. But won't zoom.

I've changed batteries and even hit the reset button and the problem still persists.

If I have to get the lens fixed, any idea what that will cost me???

I have a bad feeling that the repair price won't be worth it (too expensive) and I'll be forced to get a new camera.

If anyone can chime in on this, I'd appreciate your input on the problem and/or the possible cost to fix.

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I also have a W1 and have recently also developed a problem. When zoomed in (3x) a feint spot is noticeable on the LCD which shows up as a dark spot on the photo. I cleaned the lens (no visible spot on lens), blew out with canned air, but still appears.

I went to the Sony site where I found the repair cost to be $181. Not worth fixing a 2 year old camera - would rather put the $ into a new one and not zoom in with the W1.

Any other ideas would also be appreciated.

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