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ichibon Jun 28, 2004 12:29 PM


I am currently shopping for a dig camera for my parents. I originally had T1 in mind because of its popularity. The large LCD is a good fit for my parents old eyes and the small body is good for travel. After shopping around, I found W1 which has a similar body for less price and T11 for more.

I cannot decide because I read many reviews about T-1 has bad red-eye problems. Is it really bad?? Also, I cannot findanyuser comparisons b/w W-1 and T-1 or the review for T-11. Can anyone gimme some feedbackson these 3 camera?


Deane Johnson Jun 28, 2004 8:26 PM

I have a T-1 and there are some disappointments.


Weak flash. It's rated to 5' on W.A. Indoor shots are difficult or impossible except for relative close-ups. I consider this a major issue.

LCD screen is the only viewfinder. Impossible to see if the sun it to your back. It makes you hold the camera out in front of you to whatever distance your eyes will focus, a growing problem with age.

Easy to get blurry pictures from movement. By having to hold the camera out in front of you, it's much harder to hold it steady and not have motion blur.

Blows highlights. It's rather bad at this.

Red eye. Yes, the red eye is terrible.

Finger in front of lens problem. The fact there is no lens protruding, it's easy to let your finger slip in front of part of the field of view. It's easy to not notice this on the LCD screen.


Properly exposed photos are gorgeous. Quality is excellent (assuming no blown highlights in the frame).

Battery life seems excellent. I've done up to 80 flash pictures and the battery was still not exhuasted.

Small size is indeed pocketable and you can forget you have the camera on your person.


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