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Old Aug 31, 2004, 2:15 AM   #1
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This weekend i went to the market to change my P93 with a W1 or W12 for bigger lcd, zeiss lens, better ergonomics and better response time.

I was very surprised when i switched the W1 on because its lcd looks very poor in my opinion. It is really huge but it has only 123.000pixels. Many models of sony have this amount of pixels in 1,5 inch so the lcd produces very smooth look. In the W1 the dots of lcd can be easily seen seperately. It just feels like looking to your television very close (a few cm's).

In my opinion W1's lcd is very poor and for the ones who want to buy this cam, i advise to see the 1,5 inch lcd's performance first (P93, P72, etc..).

2,5 inchmeans nothing in fact because you really don't see more details with this lcd. Instead you see the irritating gaps between the dots.

By the way i decided keeping my P93.)
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Old Aug 31, 2004, 9:50 AM   #2
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I have to disagree with you.

The resolution of the screen is roughly 520x240 if I remember correctly. While its not the smallest dot pitch for a 2.5" screen the LCD is still plenty shrap, the colors are vivid and excellent and easy to read in most lighting conditions.

I find the screen very rewarding, despite not being as sharp as some 1.5" LCD's. Still its much more comfortable to use the the horizontal resolution of roughly 520 pixels is very high. Perhaps the vertical resolution gives you the feeling you have.
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Old Sep 1, 2004, 11:06 PM   #3
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I agree with deadlock. The LCD on the Sony W-1 is not the very best LCD, but I find it very usable and have had no probles with it at all.

Sarah Joyce
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Old Sep 2, 2004, 8:28 AM   #4
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I must agree also. The big LCD was a big selling point for me and Im happy to have it. Even if its total pixel count is similar to smaller sized LCD's, its size still makes it more viewable, IMO.
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Old Sep 2, 2004, 11:19 AM   #5
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W1 display is actuallyfor my old blind eyes...

...Now I'm waiting for 3.5" and moreLCD to go.
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Old Sep 3, 2004, 7:54 AM   #6
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Pipkin! I think you are correct in desiring a bigger LCD, but then the wholce pocketability concept is out the window.... MAybe the answer is to have an optically correctable viewfinder instead of a LCD, after all, it costs a $1.00 to drill a hole in the body and put a piece of glass in it, and use the LCD only to view your shots with a magnifying glass on top of it.... A lot of European portable electroniks, like PDA, or picture viewers are 1.5" and are covered with a transreflective magnifying (1.5-2x) glass, costing $2.00.... It will allow for the camera to remain small and give an actula viewable LCD of 5".... That is the greatest idea !. ad far as the megapixel race - it is to say the least silly, since for most consumers a 4-5 megapix is already WAY TOO MUCH !!!! I printed a 13x19 from a 5 megapix sony W1 and a 8x10 from a landscape shot done with a TOY CAMERA SONY DSCU50, and the 8x10 looks FENOMENALLY GREAT !! So the megapix is not the answer... The CCD size IS, but it is a very costly solution , so any manufacturer can claim that hte ccd is now like you say 170 megapixels and you , an individual consumer will have practically NO BENEFIT AT ALL , except sitting in a bar and bragging about the inches or pixels !
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