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The W5 is toip of my shortlist at the moment although I'm hanging on until I can get my hands on a Canon A610 next week to try out.

However, I've read the old threads about low light/indoor blur with the W5 and seen it mentioned in other places including the WDC review in the UK.

Reading between the lines, I'm guessing that the people who seem to have the most problem seem to be (or claim to be) less experienced photographers with less experience with what is possible to handhold an/or the relationship bewtween sinsitivity/shutter speed and flash.

Can anyone confirm for me that.

A) It's fine indoors when flash is used

B) The auto ISO featureonly uses the slower sensitivities

C) The program curve drops the shutter speed rather than increases the ISO (in order to minimise noise ?)

D) There are no issues with blur if you manually raise the ISO to help keep shutter speeds up



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Hey there

I own the Sony DSC-W5B and i think its an awesome camera. In regards to the issues you have raised i have not yet really paid attention to them as i have only owned the cam for about a month now. In relation to the blur senario i do seem to notice this but i think the shutter speed the cam selects to get a decent exposure is quite long. And its pretty hard to hit the shoot button without bumping the cam too much

Indoors shots with the flash is actually really really good, i will have to take some to post and show ya. I have taken a few close ups of my gfs rings with flahs and i was pleasantly surprised about how the image wasnt flared at all.

In reference to your statement concerning the cam and its preference on iso over shutter is unknown to me as i have not looked into it as yet.

I believe you are right in regards to the cam holding similar iso and reducing shutter speeds to gain exposure. I think almost evey image i have taken with the cam on program mode in low light situations have long shutter speeds but no iso greater than 150. I will also have to investigate this further.

i have only had issues with the blur when the shutter speed is longer than say 1/10. there is a very noticable increase in noise by increasing the iso to the max allowable setting of iso400.
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Check out the defense on this cam

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Check out my posting below (Sample W1 shots). Its basically the same camera.

I've only experienced the "dreaded blur" when it was operator error, i.e. me! The camera has taken dozens of excellent shots and never let me down. The W5 will be the same

just my two pence worth.
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