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SLR Photographersseem to think the Ror "reflex" part of the equation is what makes a DSLR better than a digital point and shoot. But the "Reflex" part is what makes an DSLRan anachonismin the 21st century. At this point in time and technology you really shouldn't have to peer through a hole in the back of the camera to see an image bent through a prism or mirror to compose a picture.

I have spent45 years peering through itty bitty holes in cameras. Since buying my first digital cameraeight years ago, I learned to love the LCD screen for composing photos. Isimply refuse togo back to peering through a tiny little hole. with my nose pressed up to the camera. Bah humbug....

Camera design needs to join the 21st century. The current design is older than I am....

As to keeping current lenses, I have had lens with my AE1, A1, Maxxum cameras through 4 generations and I know it is a fact that lenses do eventually become outdated and not backwards compatible. I accept that as a cost of updating when there are leaps fpward in technology. I want a new and 21st century design even if itdoes meanchucking all my old lenses.

I just don't want to go back to peeering down some stinkin' little hole.......

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rjseeney wrote:
By nature of design, it is impossible for a DSLR to have live preview. The "r" stands reflex mirror which prevents live image preview. Also shuttermechanism designprevents live preview as well. Any camera not having these features by definition cannot be a DSLR.
I can't agree. Being a DSLR doesn't inherently prevent a camera from offering a LCD live preview . There is nomechanical reason against flipping up the mirror for LCD live preview and leaving it down for the optical viewfinder. Fuji S3 and others already do that to some extent!

The reasons so far seem to have been heat issues with the CMOS sensor. Fortunately, Sony's new sensor adresses that. Therefore, I expect and hopefuture DSLRs to incorporate this or similar sensors into their design.

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