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Well..DPReview finally agrees..with me:

DPReview's Lieca M8 Conclusion:

"My advice on the M8 would be, if you can afford to then get one, be aware of its limitations, shoot RAW and rediscover 'capturing moments'."

All of a sudden, DPReview considers 'capturing moments' as more important thana camera's build, function, image quality.

They could have said the same thing for the H9, just as I have been reporting in this forum.


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Just a pity the H9 doesn't have RAW to make up for theovercompressed jpeg .
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You are overlooking the stated, by Sony, intention of the H9: Ready to view images out of the camera for the typical consumer.

I agree, if the H9 camera could offer Raw as well, it would br great.... But this type of camera is/was the R-1, and now that it is August, will it possibly be the R-2???

My purpose of this thread was to show just how biased DPReview is ( using their own words ), hopefully others will add their 2 cents on this issue.


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Old Aug 2, 2007, 6:30 AM   #4
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Hi Nick,

Iagree with the point about the 'capture the moment' statement. Itwas definately not a significant factor in the DPReview, or most of the otherH9 reviews, when the preoccupation with100% sizeimage quality took centre stage. Of course I understand that image quality is the main consideration with a 'bridge' camera like the H9, but the fact is that the vast majority of people will view their images on screens; the television, the computer, the camera LCD or a digital photo frame. Printed pictures are rarer these days, and usually 4'x6' or 5'x7', maybe even A4 but very rarely bigger than that. In these situations H9 pictures are a match for anything.

There are also many other significant qualities (large high quality articulating screen, remote control, nightshot, zoom available formovies, amazing macro capability, fast focus, wider angleet al) that barely got a mention.

When viewed as a whole,surely the H9gives more opportunities to 'capture a moment' than most - or even perhaps all - of the competition, and the image quality issues apparent in some pictures will rarely if ever be a problem to the vast majority of users.

Iactually believe that Sony and all the other major manufacturers deliberately producecameras thatare not quite as good as they could be. The H9 is a prime example. Themain issues that any reviewer had with the H9 was the lack of choice regarding image quality and the related excessivejpeg compression. If these softwareissues had been better implemented (as would have been fairly straightforward for a company such as Sony) then the H9 would (presumably) have been lauded as the best thing since sliced bread. But in that case the camera would be so good that it would be difficult to persuade people to upgrade. The real trick of the digicam marketplace is that people have become convinced that the shelf-life of consumer electronics is only a year, maybe eighteen months.

Sony knew that the H9, regardless of reviews, would sell in vast quantities given the specs of the camera and their staus in the marketplace. Of course they want people to like their products and become loyal to the brand as people do. But the main thing they want is simply for people to buy their products, which they'll do if they're convinced that what is available is way better than what they have. Such is life.

Cynical perhaps. But true I reckon.


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