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pinie Nov 29, 2002 6:08 PM

what is advised to buy? sony dsp p-7 or mavica cd400?
anyone here experienced that can give some feedback??


HSKHAN Dec 25, 2002 3:48 PM

i have the dsc-p7 , and my uncle has the cd400.

i find the dsc-p7 too weak. the pictures it takes are usually very grainy. and at night, its almost impossible to take a good shot. the dsc-p7 also is very bad for sport events, so forget about taking photos where alot of action is happening.

as for the cd-400, all i know is that it lacks a viewfinder, so it eats batteries like crazy, also its very cheap to maintain. a cd costs like a buck and you can use the $ per mb is very low. almost like pennies per mb.

also, the cd-400 is incredibly heavy.

HONDADX Mar 8, 2003 4:26 AM

Nuno . . .

Being inexperienced with the DSP P-7, I cannot comment on that
particular camera. However, the CD400 is another matter.

I have to differ with hskahn on a couple of points. The CD400
does indeed have a viewfinder, but unless you buy an optional
attaching finder (offered by the viewfinder is
unprotected (!). Without anything to cover it, it's exposed to fingerprints, vulnerable to the sun (while you're trying to com-
pose a shot), and even to breakage. What WERE they thinking?
The attaching finder will take care of all those negative aspects,
and I recommend it highly to anyone buying the CD400.

I don't find my CD400 "incredibly heavy." Compared with the
Nikon film cameras I've carried, it's a feather. You might call
it out-sized (or maybe "bulky"), but not really heavy.

He's got a point about the batteries. I would definitely recom-
mend buying a second "back-up" battery -- just in case.

Though more expensive, I would use the CD-RW media rather
than CD-R. You can re-use the RWs; the Rs are done the minute
you take your last shot -- no erasures, no second chances. Both
R & RW media are available from Wal-Mart! Even if you are using
RWs, the CD media is still way cheaper than the next best thing.

That's about all I've got to say on the subject. Now, of course,
you're probably going to pop for the P-7. : )

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