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Default What luck at Best Buy and a DSC-f707

I bought a f707 at best about a year ago with the extended warrenty about the time when the f717 cam out. I had a problem with another digcam a oly. 3000 which had a lense problem and did buy that extended warrenty thank GOD. Paid 800 for it and was able to get the f707 for replacement camera. Bad think was they made the new price 700 because I got the last camera which was a display model. No big deal since I got a 5 meg for the 3 meg camera. Took some pictures and started to see the BLUE flash syndrome, so I took it in think they would do the software update. Get the camera back and it was reloaded with the same software and cleaned and NO PROBLEM FOUND. Still the same so In again and back with a cleaning and NO PROBLEM FOUND again. Now I am pissed, :evil: camera has the ser.# in the range and I want a f717, so when I was on vacation a few weeks ago it went to BESTBUY again there. Walk in and no problem we wil give you a new f717 which are 600 now. Need reciept but I dont have with me. Now it gets good. They call the store where I bought it and on the phone for 1 hour tring to get it so I am looking at to f828. Ask salesman if I can pay the diffrence from what i paid. No you have to pay the diffrence of f717 which is 600 and f828 which is 1000. :shock: Think About and was going to but then they said we cant get the reciept. Ok so now what, we have to what you paid for it on the computer which is 800. COOL 200 and f828 and out the door and new warrenty for 4 years for 100. F828 Is a kick

Bottom of the line is get it at the big box with extended warrenty.

Maybe I will get lucky and keep upgrading for free almost.

sorry if it was boring but I liked it.
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