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Tullio wrote:
If this theory is true, then I'd say the H7 is probably a better camera than the H9 in terms of IQ (although the H9 does have a larger swivel LCD and night shot capability, which is great for IR photography.
You can also go into the megapixel technicalities (the H5 had higher # of MP than the H2 and the same occurs between the H9 and H7).
You can point out lots of technical features thatdifferentiate the H5 from the H2 and apply them to the H9/H7 comparison. In the worst case scenario, if nothing works and they refuse to accept your rational ANDyou really really want the H9 over the H7, offer to pay for the difference and get the H9.
While the H2 had less MP then the H5 the same does not hold for the H7/H9. Both use a (the same) 8.1MP 1/2.5 sensor. There would be no more IQ difference between an H7 and an H9 than between two H7s or two H9s.

I have studied the specs of all the Sony's in question and I think thebest thing James can hang his hat on is the LCD size. The H7 is a step backwards fromhis H5.

In my own case, if I were in the H7/H9 market it would be nightshot that sway me to the H9.

A. C.
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I agree with AC. The night shot is a great feature to have.
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Tullio is right. I loved the feature on my older V1. The H9 is the first H series to have that feature.

One thing to consider is that the flash recycle on the H9 is *way* faster on the H5. The focus is faster than my H5. Which makes ita better "take indoor pictures of kids' camera.

And see my H9 picture below that is priceless to me and no other Pany or Sony that I have could have gotten. Taken at max H9 zoom. Sometimes that extra zoom comes in handy. This picture of my twins was taken from the nosebleed section of the Civic Center at their graduation.:-)

Attached Images
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Congratulations, Mercury!

That is one of the sharpest max zoom telephoto shots I have seen from the H-9. Thanks for sharing a great shot with all of us.

Sarah Joyce
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