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Default Why is my Sony DSC-P71 Taking pictures at 72DPI !!

After a long time of searching why the quality of picture i print were bad a guy at the printing office (last place I went to after i bought an HP 5550 and picture was the same as my old HP770 Printer) He showed me the source the pictures I take are 2048X1536 But at 72Dpi !!

My friend has a NIKON E775 and his camera takes 1600x1200 at 300Dpi !!!

My Camera is almost Double the price of his. I payed a lot for it thinking it's the best.

Is it an option somewhere to change the DPI to a higher level or a new firmware or something because this is really disappointing.

Here's a picture from the camera. (you might have to copy paste it and put a space after JPG then push enter to view it because it's Geocities)
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Generally speaking there is no real "DPI" for a digital camera image.

Dots per Inch literally means how many pixels are spread across a single inch, but with digicam images you don't know how many inches the dots will be spread across until you decide how many "inches" to print the photo. Make sense?

If you are referring to the EXIF info embedded in the picture saying 72dpi, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. It's not really meaningful.

Make sure the image quality setting on the camera is set to it's highest resolution and lowest compression, that's really all you can control w.r.t. size of the image.
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Forgot to say you don't really mention what your quality problem was with printing.

In what way was it lower quality?

Did you take one .jpg file from each of your cameras and print them on the same printer from the same software for a direct comparison?
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