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I was just wondering why the Sony (in General) do not have a sports mode. A week back, I was using my brother's P93 to take some snaps of my kids on the 'Bumping Cars' (Is that waht one calls it .... the one found in most entertainment places where cars driven by kids normally go around banging one another). Must say in all honesty that of about 15 shots taken, none were clear and most had no one in the picture, let alone my kids

So.... since Sony don't include that mode, does anyone know why and what is the work around? What would the ideal P or M settings be in those kind of situations? Yes, I've read about bringing down ISO in brighter conditions and taking it up for the darker situations, but whats for sports?

Also, it would be nice if someone could give general kind of guidelines to a newbie. Something like:

1) Bright and nice lights -> lower ISO

2) Darker places -> higher ISO or Candle light mode on dial ...

and the like!

Thanks & Cheers
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The essence of a good sports shot is the very fast shutter speed. My mum was taking some when I was playing tennis (also with the P93) and they came out quite good. I had the M mode turned on, with f/2.8 and shutter speed 1/640s.

You can't say the "optimal" shutter speed for sports, as it varies because of the lighting. All I can say is that I think all the photos with shorter than 1/320s exposure time will do.

Yes, you have to set ISO to higher values if the lighting is poor. The aperture doesn't actually matter here. Set it to minimal so you can reach faster shutter speeds.
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Use manual focus also.Autofocus is pretty useless for shooting moving targets. The manual focus modes in the Sony's I have (W1 & V3) are admittedly poor (in my opinion - too few values to choose from) but you're still better off using it that rolling the dice on w/ autofocus.
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Sports mode, like other modes, are just pre-set options which should give passable to good results.

For action pictures outdoors in a shaded area, my first try would be :

M Mode
Iso 100
1/250th of a second shutter
Flash at + ( in case of a bright background, ie: the other side of the tent in this case)
Set your focus distance manually for a MUCH faster focus lock!

These are VERY generic settings & I would test these out while in the line-up if you are unfamiliar with them. I would then probably increase the shutter speed to 1/300th if needed & check the results if you still get blurr in your picture. (I would dought it)

Use a histogram to help you out if your camera has one! (ie : w1/5/7 This is a HUGE help, once you understand how to read it & relate it to your surrounding conditions)

Once you understand how to use the (semi)-manual controls, it will take you about the same time as changing the dial on pre-set settings, and will give you better results in general.
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