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Hey, Everybody:

Being without my R-1 for so long has made me realize one important thing.

I do not want another camera. I want an R-1. Even the excitement over the H9 has not turned my head. I have been back through the whole DSLR/R-1 debate a hundred times since I dropped mine.

When I bought the R-1 in October, it was a compromise between the price I was willing to pay, and IQ. Now, my financial situation has changed and I could easily afford a very good DSLR with a very, very good lens. I still chose to buy another R-1.

After much searching (man, are they getting hard to find) I finally found one in Canada and it's on it's way. YAY! After the first one has been repaired properly, I'll have a spare and will be able to breath easier. I'm just posting to let y'all know if anyone has been on the fence about getting an R-1, you'd better move really fast. Even the used ones are few and far between now. New ones are selling for over double what they were when they first came out.

I know, I know, I spent way more than a DSLR kit but I know I've made the right decision. This may seem really dumb to those who either don't have an R-1 or have never felt the magic spell it can weave. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a search for Nicholas's posts). But, oh, well. It's done and I am very pleased.

I am still strongly considering the H-9; in fact, I have pretty much decided to get one. By doing so, I think I'll have a combo that will keep me shooting happily for a while. The posts here have really been whetting my appetite.

See you soon ... I've missed you guys!

: ) Ria
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Hi RiaRia,

Very glad to read your post. Good news on your R-1.

The H9 is amazing me everyday so far.

My review hasn't touched on image quality so far, maybe in a couple of days I will be ready to comment on my observations.

Wonder if the R2 will be announced this August with the H9 specs?

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