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Tyrant Jul 8, 2005 9:13 AM

hey guys, i mentioned in another that my P200 had a damaged/dirty CCD, well having sent it to get repaired.. i was going thru some reviews and came across the V3. and i just fell in love with it :), and i started to think of trading in the P200 and pay the difference for a V3.

my main concern is the size and image quality, how much bigger is it than the P200 i did see steves reviews where he put the cams infront of a CD but i want to see them next to each other or hear from anyone who has both the cameras. also which is better in terms of picture quality? the V3 is older than P200 so is the quality difference noticible, ordoes the V3 live up to its high end status and produce better images?

thanks in advance and hope to hear from u guys soon :).

maxx2 Jul 8, 2005 9:01 PM

The V3 has a better lens (slightly faster, slightly wider 4X zoom), so image quality should be better (the V1 I tested which has the same lens as the V3 had a better lens than my P150. It's sharper in the corners). The lens also has a full range of apertures (unlike the P200'stwo aperture settings per focal length), and because it has Aperture priority and Program shift, you can avoid the small apertures a lot of Sonys choose (which leads to diffraction softness), without reverting to full manual mode. Other advantages the V3 has is a fast burst mode (8 shots @2.5fps), support for CF cards, Holographic AF assist, nightshot, nightframing, RAW/TIFF, ISO800,movable focus pointand a flash hot-shoe.

It's quite a bit bigger though (about 3X the volume). If size weren't an issue, I would have bought the V3 over my P150.


Tyrant Jul 13, 2005 8:50 AM

thanks for the reply maxx2,

tho i'm still confused on whether i should replace the P200 i would've gone for the G6 but i do alot of automotive photography and part of that has to do with making movies and the G6 movie mode is just a turnoff.

is there anyone out there that has both cams?

Tyrant Jul 16, 2005 12:31 PM

well guys i'm going for it,i read many reviews about the V3 and it seems that the only problem is with the camera choosing F8 in bright sunlight, i dont see that as a big deal, i beleive the P200 did that as well!

and maxx2 thanks for your reply :).

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