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waste Sep 15, 2005 2:37 AM

if u have a choice to choose between KM 7D and 20D what will you choose and why??


i am one such person stuck between these two..

1958fury Sep 15, 2005 11:19 AM

Well, in this forum, the opinion may be overwhelming towards the Minolta 7D.

I have the 7D and also a Canon Rebel. I really like the Canon, the pics seem to be very accurate on color. It's great for just grab and shoot.

The 7D andthe 20D are a little more advanced. I chose the 7d over the 20D for a few reasons. The 7D's build quality appealed to me. I really liked the ability to change the temp in kelvin scale, very awesome. And of course, we all mention anti-shake which would really seal the deal. The Canon is a fine camera with more MP( 8 to be exact), and takes better quality pics according to some reviews when comparing the 2 cameras on the MacBeth Color Charts, but the 7D is solid, has alot more features, and yes, the ability to make all Minolta AF lenses...anti-shake.

The cameras not taking the picture, you are. Both are awesome and bring fun to digital photography.

Just my two cents,

stevenyc1 Sep 23, 2005 9:18 PM

The Minolta has the awesome "image stabilization" and that's its "claim to fame" and it works well. But, the bottom line is that the Canon DSLR's are the image quality leaders. I've shot with just about every DSLR ever and the Canon's just have an edge in image quality.You can take it anyway you'd like- and I'm sure others will "dispute" my findings- but there's such a mass exodus over to Canon DSLR's by pros, you'd be hard pressed to wonder why- the canon's just have the best image quality.Really check out sample photos from various cameras and if you're honest- you'll agree the Canon's CMOS sensor is the "standard" all others are judged by- just get a canon and you'll be happy.

NHL Sep 24, 2005 9:11 AM

stevenyc1 wrote:

... You can take it anyway you'd like- and I'm sure others will "dispute" my findings- ...
Here's one: :blah:
" I've been a Minolta (Konica Minolta) photographer for nearly 20 years. Like many Minolta photographers, I've often been frustrated by Minolta's apparent inability to crack the professional market. Their cameras are as good as the big brand SLRs, be they Nikon or Canon. In many cases the Minolta lenses are better than the aforementioned. The Minolta flash system continues to provide users with technology superior to ANY of the major brands.

Yet despite being often overlooked, Minolta occasionally pops its head up from behind the parapet and takes the lead in camera technology. Minolta initiated the mass-produced autofocus systems we all take for granted today. Minolta initiated the wireless flash system some 10 years before anyone else took any notice. Minolta has manufactured lenses for the Leica. And, more recently, Minolta auto-focus systems and expertise were adapted for Hasselblad's foreray into medium format auto-focus. And, of course, most recently Minolta has introduced a world's first internal-body anti-shake system.
" -

JimC Sep 24, 2005 9:52 AM

FWIW, I plan on buying a KM DSLR soon myself (either the 7D or 5D). I like taking photos in low light, andI can't imagine anything better than a bright prime combined with antishake for this purpose (something no other manufacturer can give you in a DSLR).

I do know a couple of people that have both the 7D and 20D. For some uses (faster frame rates, etc.), the 20D is probably going to be a better tool. But, for existing light shooting, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better solution than KM.

I know of one photograher that uses the 7D for model shoots (he likesthe 7D skin tones) and low light conditions when flash isn't allowed, and he uses the 20D for sports (he likes to shoot tennis andprefers a faster frame rate for this purpose).


Mike Johnston seems pretty impressed with his 7D (so much that he devotedsome of hisweekly Sunday Morning Photographer articles to it). :-) If you want to see someone that recognizes the benefits of antishake, read his articles.

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