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I have (finally) settled on buying the Minolta 5D since, even with the $200 rebate, I know that I am not "professional" enough to warrant the increased price and weight of the 7D. Now I have to obsess over lenses!

Expecting our first baby in less than 2 months so that will be the majority of the shots, but like having the zoom for my vacations and interesting zoom shots. Hardly a professional, but of course, if I am going to take the time and spend the money, I want it to look as good as possible without spending too much right off the bat (I know, wanting the cake and to eat it too).

Is it a mistake buying just the 5D body and then getting a 18-200mm lens rather than buying the kit and then an additional 70-200 (or even to 300) lens? Convenience with only one lens seems nice.

Finally, if the 18-200 lens is the way to go, is there a favorite? Minolta's new one? Tamaron's? Sigma's? At what point am I paying more money for a lens I really won't appreciate the differences on?

And if the suggestion is to go with the kit lens, will the 28mm minimum be small enough for close ups of the baby? If so, is there a favorite supplemental zoom lens?

Thank you for any help or experiences you can share,

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the minolta 28-100 (D)'kit' lens is a pretty good all purpose tool which will give you the 35mm equivalent of 42-150mm (normal view to short telephoto)
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The 18-200 is only available in KM or Tamron. There is no Sigma. I think you would be better off with a Tamron/KM 28-75 and a used KM 70-210 3.5-4.5. Fast 2.8 lens will eliminate flash and the quality of the 28-75 is miles above the 18-200. Some will take convenience above quality but the baby is only a baby once.
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Shouldnt the fact that sensor dust being such a problem in dslr's be a factor in deciding on mutliple lens's or one 18-200 lens? The best lens you can buy is useless with a lot of dust on the sensor. Changing lens's on a dslr will add dust to your sensor and removing dust from a dslr sensor is not as simple as removing dust from film cameras.

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There's some truth in that, but if you're never going to change the lens you might as well buy one of the "prosumer" digicams and save yourself some money.
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"Big zoom" lenses are generally heavier, and tend to auto-focus pretty slowly. I recommend avoid.
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It depends on which way you want to go - the 18-200mm lens seems like a great tool for general use, I know that it's not a purists lens but it can deliver good results. I don't intend to walk around with several lenses and will hopefully get one of these in the not too distant future. The kit lens combo was only £30 more than the basic body, so I went for that and am happy with the results. There have been times that I would hvae been appreciative of the longer focal length though.

The KM 18-200mm is about £70 more than the Tamron and rumour has it that the KM lens is made by Tamron. I will be looking at the Tamron first.
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