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I am planning to buy "the 7D".

But i was just wondering whether it would be wise for me to wait a couple of months to see any newer and a better KM series DSLR being released. Coz as far as i heard and read through various reviews, i find that 7D has some minor issues. ANd also rumours that 9D is a possible release sometime soon.

Please advice me if its a good idea to wait. I can wait for a couple of months before deciding.

I had Canon 20D in mind, but after AS in KM 7D i just didnt have anyother choice but to surrender.

Please let me know.

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There is little doubt that newer models will be coming out if you wait long enough. If not sooner, I'd expect that KM could be announcing new models at the PMA show in February (this show tends to be a launching pad for new photography related products).

But, when new models are announced, there tends to be a lag time between the announcement and when they start shipping. Early adopters usually pay a premium for a brand new model, too (due to higher demand for them).

Right this minute, the 7D is available at a pretty decent price (thanks to both price drops and a $200 mail in rebate in the U.S.). I can't tell from your profile where you're located.

Digital Cameras are sort of like computers. If you keep waiting for the "latest and greatest", you never get around to enjoying one (since a newer and faster model will always be forthcoming).. ;-)

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first thing first i updated the location:blah:.

i agree that waiting can be from a month to million years(if i can). But my only concern was with jsut two months the wait will definitely be the worth for what i may get.

KM looks like the future of cameras and i would not mind waiting a couple of months..

i was almost convinced with 20D untill i started seeing pictures from 5D and 7D.

Both were stunning, but 20D's only concern was the AS.

No matter how hard i research the AS just puts the camera top on the list for two reasons

1) money to be spend on the body is much less compared to the 20D

2) Spending on Lens's would be much much much less compared to the Canon L lenses.

Also 20D is almost 18 months old and everyones expecting some upgrade...


there were reports of few issues with 7D and hence i was hoping to know any updates on new releases in both canon and KM.

But more interested in KM for its AS(Nothings as close as a AS. AS reduces the expenses later.Worth to spend on the body for what i can save on the lenses.

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I probably read the same rumours you do in the forums. But, until KM actually launches new products, then they're just rumours.

Personally, I doubt we'll see an updated 7D or 9D shipping prior to PMA (and it'll probably be later than that before you could actually get a camera if PMA is used for product launch). That's pure speculation on my part (they may launch a 7Dii tomorrow for all I know).

As for your comments on the 7D body price being less versus a 20D, that's right now (KM 7D is less). That doesn't mean that any upgrade to it will be much less. ;-)

The 7D was priced higher than the 20D when it was launched (7D prices have dropped since then).

Given Nikon's reported pricing on the new D200 ($1,699), I'd also expect KM to keep their prices higher on any 7D upgrade unless they have a reason to lower it (competition from yet unannounced models from others). . Of course, any 9D offering will most likely be much higher priced compared to either the 20D or 7D.

As for Antishake, it works. I've been quite impressed with it.

As for new models, you'll see lots of rumours and speculation in the forums.

Some of it is just educated guessing (for example, my speculation on PMA and pricing above).

Also, it's natural for manufacturers to update models at regular intervals. So, if a model has been out for a while, speculation always starts on what the next model will be.

It's called rumour. ;-)

Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's not.

Sometimes, manufacturersdon't want to hurt sales of existing products, sothey may notannounce a new product too far in advance via press releases.

Other times,they'll announce new products well in advance of their product ship dates (the 7D was a very good example of that), probably to keep existing customers from defecting to a different manufacturer that may already have a more advanced product shipping. They also may want to keep competitors from knowing too much about their plans.

IOW, they keep this information "under wraps" until it's advantageous for them to let the public know about it. When they want you to know, they'll issue a press release.

Now, sometimes people do have accurate knowledge about a new camera. In that case, they're going to be bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement. So, they can't tell you anything about a new model anyway.

Of course, you get the forum posters that claim to know about a camera in great detail. More often than not, it's because they read a forum post somewhere else from someone that is supposedly "in the know". Then, they post about it, and it continues (and is often assumed as fact, depending on the "twists" the rumours go through over time).

My uncle's best friend works at XYZ Company and he says that they're releasing a new 10 Megapixel Model. He's not supposed to talk about it, but here's what I found out from him..... Or, more common, my sales rep says that he's seen a new prototype. :-)

Don't trust everything you read in the forums from posters claiming to know something about a new model. More often than not, they're just guessing and/or passing on rumours they've heard elsewhere.

Are any of the rumours surrounding new KM products believable? Sure. Consumers want to believe that they're getting info on new products. That in itself makes the rumour posts more believable. If a poster happens to "get it right" (educated guessing or inside knowledge from someone saying more than they should), then that makes them more believable the "next time around", too. I think a lot of it is must plain luck with educated guessing, though. ;-)

You're probably not going to find out when any new models will be available by reading replies in a forum from anyone that has first hand knowledge of a product a manufacturer doesn't want you to know about. You may get lucky and find out something. But, how are you going to know what to believe?

IFyou want accurate information, you'll need to wait for press releases on new products.

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I'd personally be surprised if there weren't a new 7D announced early next year. I'd also be surprised if it didn't have 10Mp. It's going to have to compete with a new 20D which will also probably have 10Mp, so KM are going to have to miss out the 8Mp stage. But, like Jim says, you never know. KM seem to be in a state of flux at the moment.
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