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I've just bought a 5D and now I want a flash. What are main differences between the 5600hs(D) and 3600hs(D) flash units? Are both suitable for the 5D? I'd like to get the 5600 but money is tight. Anyone have experience with either of these?

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Thanks for asking this question. I too am looking at getting an external flash unit. In my search/research, I know one major difference between the two units is that the 5600 has an LCD display that the 3600 does not. Performance wise, I'm not to the point where I would be comfortable enough to comment on, as I haven't tried either personally yet. I do have a friend that has a Maxxum 5D that is using the 3600 flash on, and absolutely loves it. Just my $0.02.

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I have used 5600HS and 5400 HS, but not the 3600. The 5600 is an excellent unit, and can be used in wireless off camera, ratio, and the head can be set at different angles for bounce flash. I don't know what the main differences are between the two, although the 5600 is obviously more powerful. I can highly recommend the 5600HS, but think you would be happy with both.
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I have not had a chance to play with either as yet, and will probably be ordering the 3600 as have a £30 off voucher which came when I purchased my 5D. The flash is not going to be the most widely used item in my camera bag as I mainly do landscape and sport, but thought it worth getting one.

The main differences are range - The 5600 has a maximum guide number of 56 in meters (at 85mm and ISO 100) where as the 3600 is 36 in meters at the same setting.

The head on the 5600 will also rotate as well as move up and down, the 3600 is only up and down.

Due to the screen you can control more features which include - Wireless Channel Setting, Choice of Units for Distance Display, Auto-power Off-time Setting, Wireless Auto-power Off-time Setting, and Exposure Mode Settings for Manual Flash.

Both will work wireless.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info. I'm glad to hear the 3600 has wireless. I think it'll be enough for my needs.
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Old Dec 13, 2005, 12:04 PM   #6
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Just a thought: I had a situation where the 5600 was much closer to the subject than the camera (don't recall why). Afraid that the popup flash might not trigger the 5600, I rotated the5600 so its sensor was visible to the camera, but the strobe still faced the subject.

BTW, I have used it together with an olddumb flash wired with the old-fashioned pc cord, and it worked great. Used the old one to illuminate the background cloth, not too critical on exposure. 5600 took care of the subject to perfection. I was glad they kept the pc cord tap - can't use a slave driver because the pre-flashes would triggerthe dumb flashtoo early.
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Here are the main difference of the 5600 (D) and the 3600 HS(D).

1) 5600 can also swivel horizontally.
2) 5600 has built-in wide angle plate. When you pull the plate out, the flash unit will automatically zoom out to 17mm for wide-angle shots.
3) Multiple flash photography (google for more info).
4) Modelling lights to test shadows and highlights before taking shots.
5) Higher GN. 56m @ ISO100 (More power)
6) LCD Panel Display

The 3600 HS(D) is also a good flash and should be sufficient for most scenarios but I prefer it to be a second unit when doing multi wireless flash.
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